Learning what? Top Skills and Stacks what Job Market is hunting for..

Learning what? Top Skills and Stacks what Job Market is hunting for..


On the rising spree of US Job market, top notch employers and IT market players are hungry in getting talent for cutting edge technologies which will lead the future IT Solutions

As every business is thriving their best to keep the data, identities, lead and many more mixtures of data very safe, the current market is hungry in getting right resources who can keep internal production systems safer from Pishing, Hacking, DDOS, Injection and other types of Cyber Attacks.

Current Market critically seeks, SOC Experts who are good with firewall security, VAPT, System security, Security administration and monitoring tools, Information security too..

Due to increasing demand in Business inflow due to social presence, Business solutions are looking for delivery with Agility and migration solutions which inflated DEVOPS & AWS job market

Current Cloud market is looking for resources good in DEVOPS and tools like Chef, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible, Cloudera, docker, Elk, GIT, Packers, Vagrant and many more. For resources already who are good with Linux administration, Upskilling in DEVOPS is a wonderful Career jump Idea

Data Science
As most of top product players, wanted to keep up with business, companies have started deploying Data Scientist teams in thier R&D centers to understand story behind their existing data that keeps and laso capture and understand the current trends of business and customer preference. 

Data scientists positions are in demand with skillsets into Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Natural Language processing, Machine learning skills


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