Apache Pig

Course Overview:

This course is a general overview of the Apache Pig Framework. It will provide an introduction to the structure and methodologies of Apache Pig and an overview of Pig Latin, the Language of Apache Pig. It will cover many of the functionality that is built into the language as well as how to incorporate user defined functions into pig scripts to further increase their functionality.

Course Content:


Introduction to Apache PIG

Prerequisites for Apache PIG

Exploring Use Cases of PIG

History of Apache PIG

Basics of Big Data, Hadoop and Pig

Big Data Overview

Apache Hadoop Framework

Hadoop Distributed File System

Hadoop MapReduce

Introduction to Apache Pig

Importance of Apache PIG

Why PIG Over MapReduce

Where PIG is Best Suited

Where to Avoid PIG

PIG Latin Language, Architecture and Modes of Pig

PIG Latin Language

Running PIG in Different Modes

PIG Architecture


PIG Latin Statements

Data Model, Operators and Streaming in PIG

PIG Data Model- Scalar Datatype

PIG Data Model - Complex DataType

Arithmetic Operators

Comparison Operators

Cast Operators

Type Construction Operator

Relational Operators

Loading and Storing Operators

Filtering Operators

Filtering Operators-Pig Streaming with Python

Grouping and Joining Operators- PART-1

Grouping and Joining Operators- PART-2

Sorting Operator

Combining and Splitting Operators

Diagnostic Operators

Different Kinds of Built-In Functions in PIG

Eval Functions PART-1

Eval Functions PART-2

Eval Functions PART-3

Load and Store Functions

Tuple and Bag Functions

String Functions

Math Function

Advanced Pig Latin with Pig Scripts,UDF's,Utility Commands

Running Pig Scripts

Utility Commands

File Compression

File Compression in pig

Intermediate Compression

Pig Unit Testing

Advanced Pig Latin

Embedded Pig in JAVA

Pig Macros

Import Macros

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