API Testing

API overview

  • What is Web Services?
  • Deep Dive on SOAP and REST Web Services
  • How does REST API architecture works?
  • What is BaseURL?
  • What is Resources in REST API?
  • How to use GET and POST request?
  • How to use PUT and DELETE request?  
  • What are headers and cookies in rest request?

Get started with REST API Testing

  • Deep Dive on google place Search API for scripting 
  • What do you know about POSTMAN -Manual testing client?
  • How is it useful for REST API?
  • How to adding new place in Google Maps with google API?
  • Do you know to validate responses with POSTMAN client?

Automation Set

  • What do you know Test API? 
  • How to set up Test Project with Rest Assured API? 
  • How to use tag for passing requests?


Validate the Rest API Responses

  • How to validate the body of first JSON response?
  • Do you know to validate response headers and status codes?
  • Real Time Examples


Deep Dive on REST API Automation

  • Do you know to automate POST request with payload?
  • How to grab the response body into String for Advance validations?
  • How to pass the response values into subsequent requests? 
  • Do you know to optimize the script?
  • How to create API for Testing
  • How to read data from External resource(Excel file)
  • Deep Dive on Data driven testing best practices  
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