AWS - DevOps Trainers

AWS - DevOps

Course Overview:

In this training you can learn AWS Overview , AWS Storage and Content Delivery Network, Elastic Compute Cloud, Route 53, Database on AWS, Virtual Private Cloud, Application Services, Real world scenario – Creating a high available website and Exam tips. Amazon Web Services  is a comprehensive cloud computing platform provided by Amazon .Web services are also referred to as cloud services or remote computing services. This training is for to get complete hands-on training covering the exam essentials.  

Course Content:


♦ Basics of AWS – DevOps Engineer

♦ AWS Cloud Formation Documentation

Understanding DevOps Mindsets

♦ Version Control and Version control Tools

♦ Working With AWS Power Shell

♦ Understanding Application Life Cycle Management

♦ AWS Code Deploy and Code Pipeline Creating

♦ Environment Configuration in AWS

♦ Environment Configuration in AWS Continues

♦ Creating Build Stage for Pipeline in Lifecycle Management

♦ Creating Build Stage for Pipeline in Lifecycle Management Continues

♦ Implementing Test Case Using Jenkin Pipeline

♦ AMI Deployment Methods and Bootstrapping

♦ Blue Green Deployment Methods in AWS

Automation Infrastructure with Cloud Formation

♦ AWS Cloud Formation

♦ Working Using Json Object in AWS Cloud Formation

♦ More on Cloud Formation using Json

♦ Creating Simple Cloud Formation Templates

♦ Working with Json Validators

♦ Working with Json Validators Continues

♦ Single Instance with Templates

♦ Single Instance with Templates Example

♦ Creating and Configure Instance

♦ Wait Condition Web Instance

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