Azure Cloud Architect

Course Overview:

This training Program will teach you the Azure infrastructure by understanding Azure Cloud Architect Technology Solutions, implementing workloads and security in Azure, creating and deploying apps in Azure.

Course Content

                  ♦ Course Introduction
                  ♦ About the training Architect
Building the Basics
                 ♦ Core analysis of Azure
                 ♦ Subscription and services layer
                 ♦ Subscriptions, resource groups, and the relationship with Azure AD Tenant
                 ♦ Physical layer of Azure.
                 ♦ Composition of Azure in terms of geography and networking.
Create and Configure of Viual Machine
                 ♦ Introduction to Virtual Machine
                 ♦ Create a Virtual Machine in Azure
                 ♦ Test a Virtual Machine in Azure
                 ♦ Assignment create a Virtual Machine 
                 ♦ Configure a Virtual Machine for Availability
                 ♦ Monitor a Virtual Machine
                 ♦ Setting up Virtual Machine Scale Sets(VMSS)
Deployment of Virtual Machines
                 ♦ Working with ARM Templates, Part 1
                 ♦ Working with ARM Templates, Part 2
                 ♦ Working with ARM Templates, Part 3
                 ♦ Working with ARM Templates, Part 4
                 ♦ Deploy a Linux Virtual Machine using ARM Templates
 Encrypt a Virtual Machine

Analyse Resource Monitoring
                 ♦ Azure Monitoring
                 ♦ Alert and Action Groups    
                 ♦ Log Analytics
                 ♦ Log Search
                 ♦ Managing Costs
Create and Configure Storage Accounts
                 ♦ Create a Storage Account
                 ♦ Add a Storage Account to a Virtual Network
                 ♦ Manage access keys and secure access signature(SAS)
                 ♦ Using storage explorer
                 ♦ Setting up Log Analytics for storage
                 ♦ Configure storage redundancy
Virtual Networking
                 ♦ Introduction of Networking
                 ♦ Public and Private IP Addresses
                 ♦ Routing traffic on a Network
Integrated Network
                 ♦ Overview of VNET Peering
                 ♦ Configuring VNET-VNET Communication
Azure Active Directory
                 ♦ Introduction to Azure AD
                 ♦ Assign a Custom Domain to Azure AD
                 ♦ Azure AD Identity Protection
                 ♦ Azure AD Conditional access
                 ♦ Utilizing access reviews
Hybrid Identities
                 ♦ Hybrid Identities
                 ♦ Azure AD Connect
Hybrid Network
                 ♦ Azure VPN Gateway
                 ♦ Azure VPN Gateway Troubleshooting
                 ♦ Express route – Part-1
                 ♦ Express route  - Part-2
Migrate Servers to Azure
                 ♦ Setting up Azure Site Recovery
                 ♦ Prepare ASR Source
                 ♦ Using VMWare P2V for Migration
Serverless Architecture
                 ♦ Azure Functions
                 ♦ Logic Apps
Message based Integration Architecture
                 ♦ Event Grid
                 ♦ Notification Hub
                 ♦ Event Hub
                 ♦ Messaging with Service Bus
                 ♦ Azure Relay
Multi Factor Authentication
                 ♦ Managed Identity
                 ♦ Confidential Compute
                 ♦ Key vault
                 ♦ Azure disk Encryption
                 ♦ Working with vault key
Creating Web Apps by using PAAS
                 ♦ Create App Services container APP
                 ♦ Upload webjobs as Background jobs
Design and Develop apps  run in Container
                 ♦ Create a Kubernetes clusters(AKS)
                 ♦ Install Docker toolbox on local
                 ♦ Test the container using Docker compose
Develop for Azure Storage – Cosmos DB
                 ♦ Intro to Cosmos DB
                 ♦ Principle of Data Consistency
Develop for Azure Storage – Rational DB
                 ♦ SQL management Studio
                 ♦ Inserting data into SQL Database
Develop for the Cloud
                ♦ Messaged based integration architecture
                ♦ Develop for Autoscaling


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