Course Overview:

This training is designed to start with development of an in-depth knowledge of blueberry plant physiology and how to grow a blueberry bush, boosting your understanding of how plants will respond to weather/climate, pests, and production practices. In this expert-led online course, you will learn about: Blueberry plant physiology and how they grow, Blueberry species & types and where different cultivars are adapted, Site selection and preparation and Irrigation system design and management.

Course Content:


♦ Introduction of the Blackberry Operating System

♦ Life Cycle of Blackberry

♦ Installation details

♦ Introduction to Development Environment Setup

♦ Components of Blackberry Hello World Application   

Creating Basic GUI

♦ Buttons

♦ Checkboxes

♦ Drop-down lists

♦ Labels

♦ Lists

♦ Option buttons

♦ Search fields

♦ Spin boxes

♦ Text fields

♦ Tree views

   Custom GUI development

♦ Use of Font

♦ Custom Field

♦ Custom Manager

   Data Storing

♦ Persistence store

♦ SQLite database

♦ File System


♦ Implementing Menus

♦ Context Menus

   Utility And Legacy classes

 ♦ Displaying images

 ♦ Zooming and panning images

 ♦ Displaying information on-screen temporarily

 ♦ Fetching user location

 ♦ Location API

 ♦ Displaying Maps

 ♦ GPS implementation

  Location-Based Services

♦ Fetching user location

♦ Location API

♦ Displaying Maps

♦ GPS implementation


♦ Interaction with wireless services

♦ Web services implementation

  Sounds and Video

♦ Creating Application which implements the audio and video functionality

♦ Packaging and publishing your app on BlackBerry World

♦ Procedure to Publish an app to blackberry app store.

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