Our focused training program is designed to equip data governance professionals with the necessary skills to excel in the dynamic field of data management. Learn how to effectively implement and utilize Collibra's cutting-edge data governance solutions, enabling you to streamline data processes, ensure data quality, and enforce regulatory compliance. With practical hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios, our course prepares you to take on roles such as Data Governance Analysts, Data Stewards, or Data Managers, empowering you to drive efficient data management practices and make impactful contributions to data-driven decision-making within leading organizations.


Collibra Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction And Data Management Fundamentals


  • Introduction to Data Management and Governance
  • Data & Data Lifecycle
  • What is Data Management & Data Governance
  • Why is Data Governance Important
  • Problems faced by organization without a proper Data Governance
  • How Data Governance can solve the problems for an Organization
  • Challenges to implement a successful Data Governance
  • Conclusion


Module 2: Data Governance Deep-Dive


  • Data Governance Framework
  • Data Governance Framework             Pillars of Data Governance:
  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Governance
  • Data Governance Strategy
  • Data Governance Policies & Procedures
  • Data Governance Organization and Stewardship Model
  • Data Governance Organizations
  • Roles and Responsibilities within Data Governance Organization
  • How to implement and operationalize a Data Governance Stewardship Model


Module 3: Other Data Management Areas


  • Metadata Management
  • Business Glossary
  • Data Dictionary
  • Data Classification
  • Data Classification Rules & Regulations
  • Data Classification Standards
  • Benefits of proper Data Classification
  • Data Quality
  • Benefits of Data Quality implementation
  • Data Quality Dimensions



Module 4: DG Tool – Collibra


  • Introduction to Collibra
  • What is Collibra
  • Benefits of Collibra over other DG Tools


  • Products of Collibra
  • Describe and deep-dive in Collibra DGC
  • Functionality of different products(i.e. Collibra Catalog, Policy Manager, Helpdesk etc. )
  • Metamodel Structure in Collibra and Hierarchy
  • Defining structure and hierarchy in Collibra      What is Community in Collibra?
  • What is Domain in Collibra?
  • Types of Domains and custom Domain types in Collibra
  • Template structure and Template views in Collibra
  • Assets, Attributes, Relations & Roles in Collibra
  • Asset types and Asset Structure in Collibra
  • Attribues in Collibra
  • Types of relations and out-of-the-box relations in Collibra
  • Roles and responsabilités and their use in Collibra
  • UUID
  • Access Permission


Module 5: Integration


  • What is Integration
  • Need for Integration
  • Benefits of Integration
  • API Documentation
  • Collibra API Recap
  • Types of Integration
  • Different types of Integration
  • My SQL Integration
  • Other Areas Best Practices for integration



Module 6: SSIS


  • Introduction of SSIS
  • Basics of SQL
  • Why we need SSIS
  • Data Lineage importing manually into Collibra
  • Data Lineage harvester (Working Process)




Module 7: Collibra Deep-Dive


  • Lineage in Collibra
  • The benefit of lineage at an enterprise level
  • Lineage and how to use it in Collibra
  • Custom lineage view in Collibra and its benefits
  • Workflows in Collibra


  • Automated workflows and their use    Out-of-the-box workflows in Collibra  What is Domain in Collibra?
  • Scope of customized BPMN workflows in Collibra
  • Collibra Console
  • Use of Collibra Console
  • Complete Operating Model in Collibra
  • Demo of an End-to-End Operating Model in Collibra



Module 8: Collibra Use Case And Hands-On


  • Collibra Use cases
  • Possible Collibra Use cases
  • Participants will be given an assignment
  • The assignment is aligned with real project scenario and Collibra Partner Training structure
  • After the assignment is done, we will have them checked and suggest required changes


Module 9: Additional Topics


  • Collibra Certification Assistance in Collibra University
  • Collibra Workflow solving ideology
  • Asset Types
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