Data warehouse & Business Intelligence Trainers

Data warehouse & Business Intelligence

Course Overview:

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence techniques covering concepts like DW Architecture, Data Modeling, ERwin, ETL fundamentals, Business Reporting and Data Visualisation .you will get an introduction of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence with various ETL Tools and BI Tools with ERwin Data Modeling. 

Course Content:


♦ Definitions

♦ Data Warehousing Tools, Schema Modeling

♦ Tools, CA, ERwin, Oracle Data Modeler

♦ ETL Tools:

             Informatica Power Center

             Talend DI Open Studio, IBM Data Stage, SAS

             Data Warehousing categories

♦ Business Intelligence

♦ BI Definition

♦ BI Tools

♦ Classification of BI Tools

Data Warehouse Architecture

♦ Relational Vs Analytical


♦ Data Warehouse Vs Data Mart

♦ Dependent and Independent Data Mart

♦ Data Warehouse Architecture

♦ Source System

♦ ETL Extraction

♦ Transformation

♦ Benefits of cube

♦ How to create the cube

♦ How to deploy a cube

♦ How to create a report using a cube

Dimensions and Fact Tables


♦ Dimension table categories


♦ Fact Table Granularity

♦ Fact Table categories.

Data Modeling

♦ Data Normalization

♦ Data Normalization Rules - 1NF, 2NF, 3NF

♦ Data De-Normalization

♦ Dimensional Modeling

♦ Principles

♦ Benefits, Type and Technique

Building Data Warehouse with Erwin:

Source System Understanding

Future Data Requirement and Understanding

Designing and Developing Dimension Table

Designing and Developing Fact Table Designing

Developing ER Model With ERwin, Designing

Developing Entity Relationship Modeling

Introduction to Open Source ETL Tool Talend DI Open Studio 5.x

♦ Open source ETL Talend DI Open Studio

♦ Difference between Licensed and Open Source ETL Tools

♦ Licensed and Open Source ETL Tools,

♦ Working with ETL Transformation in Talend Open DI Studio

Building ETL Project With Talend DI Open Studio 5.x

                                       ♦ Understanding the Data Source System

                                       ♦ Identify Business Requirement Gathering

                                       ♦ Building the ETL Talend Technical Design Document

                                       ♦ Building an ETL Project

Introduction to Data Visualization BI Tool Tableau 9.x

                                      ♦ Introduction to Data Visualization with Tableau

                                      ♦ Exploring Data Visualization with Tableau

                                      ♦ Data Visualization

                                      ♦ Exporting Data and Working With Tableau

Building Data Visualization BI Project With Tableau 9.x

                                     ♦ BI Reporting Understanding

                                     ♦ Report and Dashboard Template Document

                                     ♦ Tableau Design and Development Database Source Connection

An Integrated Data Warehousing & BI Project

                                    ♦ Developing a Data Warehouse and BI Project

                                    ♦ Source System for the future data requirement

                                    ♦ Identify the Business Requirement Gathering

                                    ♦ Report and Dashboard Template Document

                                    ♦ Designing and Developing Models

                                    ♦ Designing and Developing the Staging Area

                                    ♦ Finalizing the Dimension Modeling Type

                                    ♦ Designing and Developing Dimension Modeling

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