Google Analytics

Course Overview:

Google Analysis is a free tracking and statistics software that show how visitors find your site, what they do when they get there, and other important information on the health of your business.

Course Content:


♦ What Is Web Analytics?

♦ Where is Web Analytics Used?

Google Analytics

♦ Google Analytics,

♦ Dimensions & Metrics,

♦ Setting up Google Analytics,

♦ Understanding Account,

♦ Properties & Views, Users & Permissions

KPI’s & Tools Integration

♦ Traffic, Channels,

♦ Sources & Mediums,

♦ Digital Marketing, Cost Models,

♦ Types of Channels, Integration of Google Analytics,

♦ Integration of Webmaster Tools

Audience Report and Analysis

♦ Audience Reports

♦ Acquisition Reports,

♦ Search Options, Regular Expressions

Behaviour Analysis

♦ Events, Behavior Reports,

♦ Site Content, Site Search, Experiments

Conversation & Ecommerce Analytics

♦ Conversions & Goals,

♦ Ecommerce Analytics, Multichannel Funnels

Social Media Analytics

 ♦ Facebook KPIs,

 ♦ Facebook console & parameters,

 ♦ Measurement of camapign effectiveness, Segmentation study of the campaign performance

Mobile App Analytics

♦ Introduction to Mobile Apps Analytics,

♦ Tracking, measuring & Analysing important KPIs



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