Google Cloud Platform

Course Overview:

Build the cloud skills you need to upgrade your career by creating a Developers Console, Persistent Disk, Configure Cloud SQL & Cloud Storage, in addition, learn advanced topics such as Meta Data, Data Format.

Course Content :

              ♦ Creating a Compute Engine Project
              ♦ Enabling Billing
              ♦ Adding Team Members
              ♦ Compute Engine Resources
              ♦ Manage Compute Engine Resources
              ♦ Creating an Instance Using the Developers Console
              ♦ Accessing an Instance Using the Developers Console
              ♦ Deleting an Instance Using the Developers Console
              ♦ Creating an Instance Using cloud
              ♦ Instance Attributes
              ♦ Accessing an Instance Using gcloud8
              ♦ Deleting an Instance Using cloud
              ♦ Creating an Instance Programmatically
              ♦ Creating an Instance Using a Service Account
              ♦ Selecting an Access Mode
              ♦ Cleaning Up
Storage: Persistent Disk
                ♦ Compute Engine Storage Options at a Glance
                ♦ Persistent Disk
                ♦ Persistent Disk Performance
                ♦ Create a Persistent Disk Using Developers Console
                ♦ Create a Persistent Disk Using Gcloud
                ♦ Attaching/Detaching a PD to/from a Running VM
                ♦ Create a Persistent Disk Programmatically
                ♦ Persistent Disk Snapshots
 Storage: Cloud Storage
                ♦ Understanding BLOB Storage
                ♦ Getting Started
                ♦ Introducing G-suit
                ♦ Using Cloud Storage from Your Code
                ♦ Configuring Access Control
                ♦ Understanding ACLs
                ♦ Using Default Object ACLs
                ♦ Understanding Object Immutability
                ♦ Understanding Strong Consistency
Storage: Cloud SQL and Cloud Datastore
                ♦ Cloud SQL
                ♦ Getting Started
                ♦ Creating Databases and Tables
                ♦ Running SQL Queries
                ♦ Cloud Datastore
                ♦ Getting Started
                ♦ Creating and Viewing Entities via the Developers Console
                ♦ Creating and Retrieving Entities Programmatically from a VM
                ♦ Bring Your Own Database.

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