Hadoop Trainers


Course Overview:

In this Hadoop Big Data training course designed by industry experts considering current industry job requirements to help you learn Big Data Hadoop and Spark modules. This is an industry-recognized Big Data Hadoop certification training course that is a combination of the training courses in Hadoop developer, Hadoop administrator, Hadoop testing and analytics with Apache Spark. 

Course Content:


♦ Big Data & Hadoop Fundamentals

♦ Dimensions of Big data

♦ Type of Data generation

♦ Apache ecosystem & its projects

♦ Hadoop distributors

♦ HDFS core concepts

♦ Modes of Hadoop employment

♦ HDFS Flow architecture

♦ HDFS MrV1 vs MrV2 architecture

♦ Types of Data compression techniques

♦ Rack topology

♦ HDFS utility commands

♦ Min h/w requirements for a cluster & property files changes

Mapreduce Framework

♦ Introduction to Mapreduce

♦ Mapreduce Design flow

♦ Mapreduce Program (Job) execution

♦ Types of Inputformats & Outputformats

♦ Mapreduce Datatypes

♦ Performance tuning of a Mapreduce jobs

♦ Counters techniques

Apache Hive

♦ Introduction to Hive & features

♦ Hive architecture flow

♦ Types of hive tables flow

♦ DML/DDL commands explanation

♦ Partitioning logic

♦ Bucketing logic

♦ Hive script execution in shell & HUE

Apache Hbase

♦ Introduction to Hbase concepts

♦ Introdcution to NoSQL/CAP theorem concepts

♦ Hbase design/architecture flow

♦ Hbase table commands

♦ Hive + Hbase integration module/jars deployment

♦ Hbase execution in shell/HUE

Apache Pig

♦ Introduction to Pig concepts

♦ Pig modes of execution/storage concepts

♦ Pig program logics explanation

♦ Pig basic commands

♦ Pig script execution in shell/HUE

Apache Sqoop

♦ Introduction to Sqoop concepts

♦ Sqoop internal design/architecture

♦ Sqoop Import statements concepts

♦ Sqoop Export Statements concepts

♦ Quest Data connectors flow

♦ Incremental updating concepts

♦ Creating a database in MySQL for importing to HDFS

♦ Sqoop commands execution in shell/HUE

Apache HUE

♦ Introduction to Hue design

♦ Hue architecture flow/UI interface

Apache Zookeeper

♦ Introduction to zookeeper concepts

♦ Zookeeper principles & usage in Hadoop framework

♦ Basics of Zookeeper

Apache Flume

♦ Introduction to Flume & features

♦ Flume topology & core concepts

♦ Property file parameters logic

Administration concepts

♦ Principles of Hadoop administration & its importance

♦ Hadoop admin commands explanation

♦ Balancer concepts

♦ Rolling upgrade mechanism explanation

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