JavaScript Trainers


Course Overview:

In this course we will teach you about the basics of the scripting language i.e, JavaScript. By learning this course you would be able to add functionality to your static web page and make it perform different functions on the click of a button. JavaScript is a powerful tool and performs the functions on the client side. It basically provides an interaction between the user and the webpage.

Course Content:


 ♦ JS Comment
 ♦ JS Variable
 ♦ JS Global Variable
 ♦ JS Data Types
 ♦ JS Operators
 ♦ JS If Statement
 ♦ JS Switch
 ♦ JS Loop
 ♦ JS Function

JavaScript Objects

♦ JS Object
♦ JS Array
♦ JS String
♦ JS Date
♦ JS Math
♦ JS Number
♦ JS Boolean

JavaScript BOM

♦ Browser Objects
♦ Window Object
♦ History Object
♦ Navigator Object
♦ Screen Object

JavaScript DOM

♦ Document Object
♦ get ElementById
♦ get ElementsByName
♦ get ElementsByTagName
♦ JS innerHTML property
♦JS innerText property

JavaScript Advanced

♦ JavaScript - Animation
♦ JavaScript - Multimedia
♦ JavaScript - Debugging
♦ JavaScript - Image Map
♦ JavaScript – Browsers

JavaScript Validation

♦ JS form validation
♦ JS email validation

JavaScript Events

HTML/DOM Events.

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