MicroSoft SSAS

Course Overview:

Microsoft SSAS online training program is aimed at educating participants about the latest trends in Microsoft SSAS. It begins with lessons on how to support Business Intelligence solutions using Microsoft’s SSAS services to design and implement multidimensional OLAP cubes.

Course Content:


           Basics of SASS, MDX and SQL Server

Fundamental and Technology Overview

Business Intelligence Solution Components

Source Systems, Staging Zone

Landing Zone,

Data Warehouse,

Data Mart,

Reports and Dashboards


Analyzing the Dimensional Model

Dimensional Modeling process and architecture

Business Intelligence Semantic Model Overview 

Business Intelligence Semantic Model Overview 

SSAS Overview

Multidimensional Expressions Overview 

Comparison of SSAS Multidimensional, Tabular and Data Mining modes

SQL Server 2016 Ebook Download Link and Glossary of SSAS    Terminologies 

SSAS and Dimensional Modeling Interview Questions 


SQL SASS Installation

Installing SQL Server and SSAS 

Configuring SSAS

Resources and FAQ for SSAS Installation and Configuration 

SSAS Installation and Configuration Interview Questions


Cube Design & Development

Attaching Data Warehouse

Data Source and Data Source Views

Developing Cube using the Cube wizard

Cube Design

Dimension Design 

Hierarchy Design 


SASS Development


Design and Development of SSAS Cube, Dimension, Measures 


Multidimensional Expressions –Practical Code Development

Installing the OLAP database

Fundamentals of MDX Query 

Querying Object hierarchy - Dimensions, Attributes, and Members

Navigating and Sorting data

Filtering Data

Named Sets and Subcubes 

Calculated Measures and KPIs




Processing Dimensions, Measures and Cubes 

Backup and Restore

Query Logging, Exception Logging, and Flight Recorder

Scripting and Synchronizing Databases 

SSAS Security

Resources for SSAS Administration


Advanced Techniques

Fine-tuning and Multi-lingual Support 

Aggregation Design

Partitioning and Storage Modes

Resources for SSAS Advanced Techniques


Performance Tuning

Query interception and analysis 

Usage-based performance optimization 

Performance Counters

Resources for SSAS Performance Tuning


Basics of Data Mining Concepts and Data Mining Algorithms

Applications of Data Mining 

Problem Definition for Data Mining with SSAS 

Data Preparation for Data Mining with SSAS

Data Exploration for Data Mining with SSAS

Building and Training Models for Data Mining with SSAS 

Validating model for Data Mining with SSAS 

Deploying models for Data Mining with SSAS 

Data Mining Algorithms

Resources for Data Mining Algorithms in SQL Server 2016 and SSAS


Developing Data Mining Modules using SQL Server and SSAS

Building a Relational Data Mining Model and Data Mining Structure 

Analyzing and Testing a Relational Data Mining Model

Applying a Data Mining Model for Prediction 

Reusing a Data Mining Structure 

Building an OLAP Data Mining Model 

Analyzing Cube with Data Mining Dimension 

Developing Data Mining Reports using Microsoft Office 

Resources for SSAS Data Mining Model Development

Data Mining Interview Questions .




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