Middleware technology

Course Overview:

In recent days Middleware technologies courses are major courses for the career growth in IT industry. Middleware is a piece of software that connects disparate computer systems and allows them to talk. Both the ERP and eCommerce sides have mechanisms for communication and the middleware sends the data from one side to the other. This allows the systems to run without worrying about what the other system is doing.

Course Content:


Introduction to client-server computing
Evolution of corporate computing models from centralized to distributed computing, 
client-server models. 
Benefits of client-server computing, 
pitfalls of client-server programming.

CORBA with Java

Review of Java concepts like RMI, RMI API, JDBC. 
Client/Server CORBA-style, 
The object web: CORBA with Java             

Introducing C# and the .NET Platform 

Understanding .NET Assemblies; 
Object-Oriented Programming with C#; 
Callback Interfaces, 
and Events.

Building c# applications

Type Reflection, 
Late Binding, and Attribute-Based Programming; 
Object Serialization and the .NET Remoting Layer; 
Data Access with ADO.NET;
 XML Web Services.

Core CORBA / Java

Two types of Client/ Server invocations-static, dynamic. 
The static CORBA, 
first CORBA program, 
ORBlets with Applets, 
Dynamic CORBA-The portable count, 
the dynamic count multicount.

Existential CORBA

CORBA initialization protocol, 
CORBa activation services, 
CORBA IDL mapping CORBA java- to- IDL mapping, 
The introspective CORBA/Java object.

Java Bean Component Model

Introspection of beans, 
CORBA Beans.


Object transaction monitors CORBA OTM’s, 
EJB container framework, 
Session and Entity Beans, 
The EJB client/server development Process The EJB container protocol, 
support for transaction EJB packaging EJB Design Guidelines.

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