Course Overview:

This training program will teach participants how to develop multimedia programs. Another objective is to demonstrate how still images, sound, and video can be digitized on the computer. Participants in this workshop will create their own multimedia courses using HyperStudio on the Macintosh platform. HyperStudio is an authoring tool that allows you to develop an electronic stack of cards that contain buttons, graphics, and text.

Course Content:


♦ Definition 
♦ Applications and Design 
♦ Authoring (HyperStudio)

Introduction to HyperStudio

♦ The Metaphor 
♦ The Basics (Cards, Buttons, Text) 
♦ HyperStudio Resources

Instructional Design

♦ Objectives 
♦ Content (print, graphics, sounds, etc.) 
♦ Interaction 
♦ Assessment 
♦ Closure

Screen Design

♦ Metaphors and Themes 
♦ Colors and Backgrounds 
♦ Text (size, color, placement) 
♦ Navigation 
♦ Consistency 
♦ Transitions and Links

Use of Sound

♦ HyperStudio Sounds 
♦ Recording Your Own

Internet Resources

♦ Graphics 
♦ Integrating Web documents

HyperStudio Tips and Tricks 

♦ Animation 
♦ Launching other applications and documents 
♦ Basic NBA's

Multimedia Portfolios 

♦ Designing a template 
♦ Adding elements 
♦ Choosing materials (readings)

Advanced Button Features 

♦ Hyperlinks 
♦ Drag-n-Drop 
♦ Advanced NBA's 
♦ Using Actions with other Objects

Incorporating Digital Media 

♦ QuickTime Movies 
♦ Laserdisc and CD-ROM control 
♦ Scanning 

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