MVC - 5.0

Course Overview:

MVC - 5.0 training class teaches attendees all the skills necessary for designing and building an effective ASP.NET MVC 5.0 application. Significant time is spent on the maintainability and testability of a properly architected ASP.NET MVC application.

Course Content:


♦ Introduction of ASP.NET MVC

♦ Role of Model, View, and Controller

♦ How ASP.NET MVC Works

♦ Benefits of using ASP.NET MVC

♦ Comparison of ASP.NET VS ASP.NET MVC

♦ Summary

Getting Started with MVC and its Action Result type

♦ Understanding the structure of an ASP.NET MVC project

♦ Creating views

♦ Defining controllers

♦ Defining a data model

♦ Overview of coding standards follows during programming

♦ Types of Action Result in MVC

♦ Summary

Creating an application in MVC using Razor View Engine

♦ Creating strongly-typed views

♦ Understanding URLs and action methods

♦ TempData, view Bag and View Data with example

♦ Data Annotations

♦ Validation in MVC

♦ Razor Basics and Implementation of Razor view

♦ Accessing Model Data in Razor views

♦ Defining and using HTML Helpers

♦ Defining and Designing a layout Page

♦ Defining and using partial views

Using AJAX and jQuery with ASP.NET MVC

♦ Overview of AJAX

♦ Using AJAX Action Links

♦ Overview of jQuery

♦ jQuery Techniques

♦ Using post and get methods in jquery

♦ Using AJAX and Jquery in MVC with Example

Overview of Entity Framework and its approaches

♦ OverView of Entity Framework

♦ Code First Approach with example

♦ Model First Approach with example

♦ Database First Approach with example

Working with ASP.NET MVC Applications using EF Approaches Code First, Model First, Database first

♦ ASP.NET application architecture best practices

♦ Implementing a Repository and Entity Framework Data Model

♦ Define Dependency Injection

♦ Using Dependency Injection

♦ Accessing a Repository in the controller

Import and Export Excel file in MVC

♦ Basics of I/O classes in MVC

♦ Basics of input and output streams.

♦ Create the excel document with records and create the view to upload/import the excel

♦ How to import an excel from view to the database

♦ Export the Data from Database to Excel

♦ Summary

Convert web grid into PDF file in MVC

♦ Create the view using web grid

♦ How to convert the web grid into pdf

♦ Summary

Sending Emails

♦ Designing an email panel

♦ How to send an email to various users

♦ Sending auto emails

♦ Summary

Integration of WCF service with MVC

♦ Basics of WCF service creation

♦ WCF and its types of contracts

♦ How to consume the WCF service with MVC

♦ Summary

Creating a sample MVC Application using AJAX and JQUERY, WCF service and Repository in MVC

♦ Design, Develop and Build the MVC Application using all the functionalities (Jquery, WCF, repository, ajax calls, etc.,)




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