Course Overview

OpenStack is a collection of open-source software projects that enables organizations to offer cloud computing services on industry-standard hardware. OpenStack has grown beyond its initial scope focused on deployment and management of computing, storage, and network resources to include new services that enable a highly functional cloud computing platform

Course Content


                  ♦ Introduction of Cloud Computing and OpenStack
                  ♦ Fundamentals of Cloud Computing Different types of cloud
                  ♦ Different types of cloud services
                  ♦ What is Open Source?
                  ♦ Comparing OpenStack with other Clouds
                  ♦ OpenStack Architecture and terminology.

Deploying OpenStack
                  ♦ Requirements, Capacity Planning.
                  ♦ Open vSwitch Configuration
                  ♦ Deploying OpenStack
                  ♦ Adding a Compute Node

Horizon Web Interface
                  ♦ Creating a Project
                  ♦ Creating a User
                  ♦ Managing Flavors in Horizon
                  ♦ Launching an Instance
                  ♦ Manage to compute instance actions (e.g. launch, shutdown, terminate)
                  ♦ Configure an Instance with a Floating IP address
                  ♦ Manage project security group rules
                  ♦ Assign security group to Instance
                  ♦ Assign floating IP address to Instance
                  ♦ Detach floating IP address from Instance
                  ♦ Manage Nova user keypairs
                  ♦ Manage Nova compute Controller Services
                  ♦ Get Nova stats (hosts, services, tenants
                  ♦ Verify operation of the Compute service

Managing RabbitMQ Messenger Broker
                  ♦ Verifying and managing the message broker installation.
                  ♦ What is RabbitMQ Messenger Broker
                  ♦ Understanding the workflow
                  ♦ Troubleshooting RabbitMQ Message Broker

Using Keystone Identity Service
                  ♦ Verifying the Keystone Identity Service
                  ♦ Adding services to the Keystone service catalog
                  ♦ Creating and Managing Users with Keystone commands
                  ♦ Defining Roles and assigning roles to a user
                  ♦ Troubleshooting Keystone

Swift Object Storage Service
                  ♦ Manage access to object storage
                  ♦ Manage expiring objects
                  ♦ Manage storage policies
                  ♦ Monitor space available for the object store
                  ♦ Verify operation of Object Storage
                  ♦ Manage permissions on a container in object storage

Glance Image Service
                  ♦ Verifying the Glance Image Service
                  ♦ Storing Images
                  ♦ Building and Sealing an Image
                  ♦ Using glance commands
                  ♦ Using Swift as backend Store for Glance

Cinder Block Storage Service
                  ♦ Block Storage Services   
                  ♦ Block Storage supported drivers
                  ♦ Verifying the Cinder
                  ♦ Creating and Managing cinder-volumes by command line.

Neutron Networking Service
                   ♦ Verifying the Neutron Service
                   ♦ Configuring Networking for a Tenant via Command line
                   ♦ Neutron Workflow
                   ♦ Troubleshooting the Neutron networking service
Nova Compute and Controller
                    ♦ What is Nova?
                    ♦ Overcommitting Nova Resources
                    ♦ Verifying the Nova services
                    ♦ Launching an Instance via the nova command line
                    ♦ Nova workflow
                    ♦ Managing a nova-compute node
                    ♦ How to add a new Nova compute node
Ceilometer Telemetry Service
                    ♦ Basics and Concepts
                    ♦ Verifying the ceilometer
                    ♦ Data Gathering
Heat Orchestration
                    ♦ What is Heat Orchestration Service
                    ♦ Configuring the Heat Orchestration Service
                    ♦ Launchings Stack.

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