Qlik Sense

Course Overview:

In this training Qlik Sense is one of the leading business intelligence and data visualization tools available. This class provides an excellent overview of the features in Qlik Sense and how to use them to get the most insights from your data. This two-day course is designed for the beginner Qlik Sense user.

Course Content:


♦ What is QlikSense?

♦ Comparing Qlik Sense Desktop with Qlik Sense

♦ Installing Qlik Sense Desktop

♦ How Qlik Sense varies from QlikView?

♦ Starting with QlikSense Desktop

♦ Opening an app with QlikSense

♦ QlikSense Architecture

Starting QlikSense

♦ Navigating in the user interface

♦ Data Manager

♦ Data Load Editor

♦ Data Model Viewer

♦ Interacting with the user interface

♦ Creating apps and Visualizations

♦ Structuring an app with Sheets

Designing Visualizations

♦ Different type of Visualizations

♦ Dimensions and Measures in a CHART

♦ When to use and What Chart to Use

♦ Selections in a Visualization

♦ Settings and Properties of each Visualization

Using Expressions in Visualization

♦ Expressions, Functions, and Variables

♦ Working with Expression Editor

♦ Using Functions in Charts

♦ Using Variables in Expressions

♦ Set Analysis and Set Expressions

♦ Working with Master Items

Manage Data

♦ Adding data from files and databases

♦ Loading data with the data load script

♦ Data Connections

♦ Various types of Data loads

♦ Profile Data with QlikSense

♦ Troubleshooting

Creating a Data Model

♦ Qlik Sense Data Architecture

♦ Creating Star and Snowflake schemas

♦ Use of Joins, Keeps, Concatenate, etc..

♦ Understanding the QVD layer

♦ Working on synthetic keys and circular references.

Advanced Data Modelling

♦ Qlik Sense Star Schema

♦ Link Table

♦ Dimensions Table

♦ Master Calendar

♦ Optimizing data models

♦ Best Practices of Data Modelling

Collaborate in QlikSense

♦ Data Storytelling

♦ Publishing

♦ Exporting and Printing

♦ Advanced Scripting and Chart Functions

♦ Quick Tips and Techniques

Qlik Sense Security

♦ Learning about Qlik Sense App and its security features

♦ Providing Qlik Sense access to user sets

♦ Qlik Sense Security rule code

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