React JS

Course Overview:

ReactJS is the latest JavaScript framework to capture the hearts and attention of the frontend developer community. Starting with the basics of JSX syntax, this course will teach you how to model UI components using React Components. By the end you should be able to manage the state and life cycle of React Components and use them to dynamically generate lists and forms.

Course Content:

                         ♦ Introduction to React

Set Up Dev Envoriment

Hello React

♦ Section Intro: Hello React
♦ Setting up a Web Server
♦ Hello React
♦ Setting up Babel
♦ Exploring JSX
♦ Events and Attributes
♦ Forms and Inputs
♦ Arrays in JSX

React Components

♦ Section Intro: React Components
♦ Thinking in React
♦ Creating a React Component
♦ Nesting Components
♦ Component Props
♦ Events & Methods
♦ Method Binding
♦ What Is Component State?
♦ Build It: Adding State
♦ Summary: Props vs. State

Stateless Functional Components

♦ Section Intro: Stateless Functional Components
♦ The Stateless Functional Component
♦ Default Prop Values
♦ Removing Individual Options
♦ Lifecycle Methods
♦ Saving and Loading Options Data


♦ Setting up React-Modal
♦ Section Intro: Styling React
♦ Setting up Web pack with SCSS
♦ Theming with Variables
♦ Styling React
♦ Mobile Considerations

Styling React

React Router

♦ Section Intro: React Router
♦ Server vs. Client Routing
♦ Setting Up Expensify
♦ Linking Between Routes
♦ Organizing Our Routes
♦ Query Strings and URL Parameters


♦ Section Intro: Redux
♦ Why Do We Need Something Like Redux?
♦ Setting up Redux
♦ Dispatching Actions
♦ Subscribing and Dynamic Actions
♦ Refactoring and Organizing
♦ Reducers
♦ Working with Multiple Reducers
♦ Filtering Redux Data
♦ Sorting Redux Data

React With Redux

♦ Section Intro: Connecting React and Redux
♦ Organizing Redux
♦ The Higher-Order Component
♦ Connecting Store and Component with React-Redux

Testing Your Application

♦ Section Intro: Testing React Components

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