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Salesforce Administrator

Course Overview:

Salesforce Admin Course is developed to make us learn and became master in the Salesforce administration and app-builder platform. This Salesforce Admin course helps us to configure and provide the ability to collect, analyzing and retrieving information regarding the database. To configure and manage Salesforce, Implement automation, security and data validation over custom apps. To develop new web applications using new user interface

Course Content:


                                ♦ Introduction to Salesforce
                                ♦ Overview of Salesforce, its Editions
                                ♦ Home Page Customization
                                ♦ User Management
                                ♦ Apps Creation
                                ♦ Core CRM objects Capabilities
                                ♦ Declarative Customizations Boundaries
                                ♦ Programmatic Customizations Use Cases

Quote Templates

                           ♦ Quote record creation, its template, and quote PDF

 File Types and Salesforce Objects

                           ♦ Field types overview
                           ♦ Standard fields modification
                           ♦ Creation of auto-number, formula, roll-up summary, lookup & master-detail, and checkbox fields
                           ♦ Creation of number, currency, and percent fields
                           ♦ Creation of geolocation, phone, and email fields
                           ♦ Creation of date & time fields
                           ♦ Creation of text and text area fields
                           ♦ Creation of URL, encrypted fields, etc.
                           ♦ Salesforce objects introduction
                           ♦ Components, standard objects, and its modification
                           ♦ External objects and creation of custom objects

Buttons, Links,and Actions

                          ♦ Creation of buttons, links, and actions overview
                          ♦ Creation of new records with actions
                          ♦ Call logging with actions
                          ♦ Record updating
                          ♦ Creation of custom buttons and custom links, etc.

Visual Workflow, Schema Builder, And Process Builder
                         ♦ Creation of visual flow
                         ♦ Modification of the existing workflows
                         ♦ Creation of process
                         ♦ Field creation in the schema builder

Validation and Workflow Rules

                         ♦ Overview of validation rules, its creation
                         ♦ Creation of formulas
                         ♦ Creation of error messages
                         ♦ Overview of workflow rules
                         ♦ Creation of Workflow rule, Field update, Task assignment, Email alert

Role Hierarchy

♦ Overview of the role hierarchy
♦ Creating



Permission Sets

♦ Enabling field history
♦ Assigning Roles to Users

Security Data & Security Model

 ♦ Restricting logins
 ♦ Object access determination
 ♦ Record access configuration
 ♦ Creation of role hierarchy
 ♦ Record access exceptions

Salesforce Users Profile

♦ Profiles introduction
♦ Overview of standard profiles
♦ Page layouts assigning
♦ Settings

Custom app and its access


Record type

♦ Permissions


General user

Standard object

Custom object

♦ Password guidelines
♦ Session timeout, hours of log in, IP ranges
♦ Field-level security
♦ Access of Apex and Visualforce

Reports and Dashboards

♦ Reports introduction
♦ Report formats
♦ Creation of

Leads report

Creating contacts

Accounts report

Opportunity report


Scheduling report

Campaign report

Report formula

♦ Using report to add the leads to campaign
♦ Reports export to Excel
♦ Dashboards introduction

Creation and refreshing dashboard

Modifying columns

Adding filter

Adding reports


♦ Access management
♦ Dynamic dashboards configuration
♦ Report builder activation on profiles

Data Management

♦ Data management introduction
♦ Importing




♦ Installation of data loader
♦ Mass delete
♦ Records

Importing with data loader

Exporting with data Loader

Updating with data Loader

Deleting with data Loader

♦ Addition of field to schema builder, etc.

App Exchange

♦ AppExchange Introduction and Overview
♦ Finding




Deploying a Change Set

♦ Change Sets introduction and its Deployment
♦Change Sets



♦ Deployment



♦ Eclipse IDE

User Interface

♦ General Options

♦ Sidebar Options

♦ Calendar Options

♦ Name Settings

♦ Setup Options

UI Component dynamic Updates

                                      ♦ Dynamically updating UI components, JavaScript controller actions for firing events in Lightning Component Framework, event declaration using aura:event tag in a .evt resource.

Event Handling

                                      ♦Event-driven programming using JavaScript, Java Swing, the component event and application event, writing handlers in JavaScript controller actions.

Server Side Control

                                     ♦ Creating server side controller in Apex, @Aura Enabled annotation, annotation to enable client and server-side access to controlled method, calling a server-side controller action from a client-side controller.

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