Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Course Overview:

In this Salesforce Einstein Analytics training offers comprehensive knowledge on how to set up users in the Einstein, configure data security with apps, use JSON metadata files to load and transform data in Einstein, etc., with practical sessions. You’ll also gain a detailed overview of standard and custom objects, sales and marketing applications, analytics-reports and dashboards, and more. Our training also offers hands-on exposure to industry use cases and projects. Enroll now and get certified. 

Course Content:


                   ♦ Overview
                   ♦ Concepts and terminologies
                   ♦ Org Creation
                   ♦ Platform setup
                   ♦ Understanding User Type 
                   ♦ Understanding Permission sets

Getting Started With Einstein Analystics

                   ♦ Preparing Data 
                   ♦ Creating first Dataset and lenses
                   ♦ Creating the first Dashboard
                   ♦ Creating an App

Dive Deep

                    ♦ Quota
                    ♦ Understaning dataflow
                    ♦ Faceting
                    ♦ Knowing your Dashboard

Sales Dashboard

                    ♦ Create a dashboard for Sales 
                    ♦ Understand Step and Static step
                    ♦ Bindings in Einstein

Service Dashboard

                   ♦ Create a Service Dashboard 
                   ♦ Understanding filters
                   ♦ Broadcast faceting
                  ♦ Custom Actions in Einstein

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