Course Overview:

SAP FICA Training deals with millions of master data and line items created for these master data which are huge in numbers. FI-CA contains the range of functions needed by different industries or projects for their accounts receivable and payable management. Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable (FI-CA) is a sub-ledger accounting for processing large document volumes and realizes the typical accounts receivable functions.

Course Content:


♦ Overview of IS UT

♦ Objective of FICA

Documents of SAP FICA Online Training

♦ Document Type

♦ Number Range

♦ Posting Document

♦ Clearing Document

♦ Integration with GL

♦ Customization

Account Balance Display

♦ Structure of the Account Balance Display

♦ Display Options

♦ Customizing

Transaction and Account Determination

♦ Structure and Concept of Transactions

♦ Account Determination

♦ Tax Determination

♦ Customizing


♦ Overview of Payment

♦ Payment run

♦ Payment Card

♦ Customizing

Return Processing

♦ Overview of Return Processing

♦ Posting Returns

♦ Customizing

Incoming Payment / Certification Processing

♦ Payment Lot

♦ Certification worklist

♦ Credit Processing

♦ Cash Journal / Cash Desk

♦ Customizing

Clearing Control

♦ Terminology and examples

♦ Customizing

Dunning / Collection

♦ Dunning Process and Function

♦ Collection Processing

♦ Customizing

Interest Calculation

♦ Interest Calculation Function

♦ Interest Calculation Display

♦ Customizing

Deferral / Installment Payment

♦ Deferral

♦ Installment Plan

♦ Customizing 

Other Business Transaction

♦ Account Maintenance

♦ Reversal of Document

♦ Clearing Reset

♦ Document transfer

♦ Mark as doubtful

♦ Write-off

♦ Customizing

Security Deposits

♦ Cash and Non-Cash Security Deposit

♦ Customizing

Integration of SAP FICA Online Training

♦ FI-CA Integration in SAP Application
♦ Customizing

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