Course Overview:

SAP FIORI Training aims to impart training on new user experience for sap software. The candidates learn about the modern design principles for a complexly re-imagined user experience. The SAP FIORI Course helps the candidate in enhancing their intelligence on SAP FIORI App with with SAP WEB IDE  and introduces to the other essentials of SAP FIORI that helps in application building. This training helps the candidates in getting closer to their career goal.

Course Content:


♦ SAP Fiori Apps

♦ SAP UX Strategy

♦ Prerequisites to Learn SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori – Architecture

♦ App Types

♦ Hardware and Software Requirements

♦ SAP NW Installation Prerequisites

SAP Fiori – SAP NetWeaver Gateway

♦ SAP NetWeaver Gateway: Capabilities and Key Benefits

♦ SAP NetWeaver Gateway: Deployment Options

♦ Check the Deployment method in SAP Fiori System

♦ Overview of OData (Open Data Protocol)

♦ REST Architecture Components

SAP Fiori – Installation

♦ SAP Fiori – Prerequisites

♦ Download SAP Fiori

♦ Install SAP Fiori

♦ Check Installed Components in SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori – Launchpad

♦ SAP Fiori Launchpad- Key Facts

♦ How does SAP Fiori Launchpad Work?

♦ Configuration of Launchpad

♦ Creating Catalogs and Tiles in Launchpad

SAP Fiori – OData Services

♦ OData Service Life Cycle


♦ REST Architecture

♦ OData Service using SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder

♦ How to Import Data Model

♦ Mapping to Data Source

♦ Service Maintenance and Registration

SAP Fiori – Transactional  Apps

♦ Configuration

SAP Fiori – Fact sheets

♦ Connect Embedded Search and SAP HANA

SAP Fiori – Analytical Apps

♦ SMART Business

♦ Virtual Data Models

♦ KPI Modeler

SAP Fiori – Theme Designer

♦ Key Features and Benefits

♦ How to Call Theme Designer in SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori – Security

♦ SAP Fiori – Security

♦ Authentication in the Back-End Systems

♦ Secure Network Communication SNC

♦ Levels of Protection

SAP Fiori – Data Flow

♦ How to Check Data Flow in SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori – Workflow

♦ SAP Business Workflow T-Codes

♦ How to add custom Workflow scenarios?

♦ How to configure Work Flow in Fiori?

SAP Fiori – Extension

♦ SAP Fiori steps for Extensibility of Transactional Apps

SAP Fiori – UI5 Concepts

♦ Characteristics of SAP UI5

♦ SAP UI5 Architecture

♦ UI5 Control Libraries

♦ Model-View-Controller Concept

♦ SAP UI5 Data Binding

SAP UI5 – Design Patterns

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