Course Overview:

SAP HCM gives organisations in all industries worldwide the tools needed to manage their most important asset: people. The solution equips executives, HR professionals, and line managers to hire the best talent, as well as train and cultivate the skills of their workforce by understanding where their workforce's talents lie and in turn aligning the goals of the employees with those of the organisation. 

Course Content:


                                     ♦ ERP and ERP Packages

                                     ♦ SAP and its architecture

                                     ♦ SAP and its modules

                                     ♦ SAP Human Capital Management (HR) and its areas

                                     ♦ Discussions with Participants


                                    ♦ Getting Started

                                    ♦ The HR module

                                    ♦ Organizational Information

                                    ♦ Employee Information

Recruitment and Personnel Development

                                    ♦ The recruitment cycle

                                    ♦ Training and Events

                                    ♦ Personnel Development

                                    ♦ Hands On : Matching Profiles

Employee Benefits and Cost Management

                                    ♦ Benefits

                                    ♦ Hands On: Processing an enrollment

                                    ♦ Personnel Cost Planning

                                    ♦ Compensation Management

Time Management, Payroll and Travel

                                    ♦ Payroll

                                    ♦ Hands On: Running a payroll

                                    ♦ Travel Management

Information Display and Reporting

                                    ♦ Human Resources Reports

                                    ♦ Queries

                                    ♦ Hands On: Creating an ad hoc query

Organization Management

                                   ♦ Introduction to Organization Management

                                   ♦ Organizational Objects and designing Organization Structure

                                   ♦ Organization Units, Positions, Jobs, Tasks, Reporting structure

                                   ♦ Different interfaces of Organization Management

                                   ♦ Organization and Staffing

                                   ♦ General Structures

                                   ♦ Matrix Structures

                                   ♦ Expert mode Simple Maintenance

                                   ♦ Expert mode Info type Maintenance

Configuring an Organizational Structure

                                   ♦ Create Objects

                                   ♦ Essential Relationships

                                   ♦ Create Description

                                   ♦ Create Department/Staff

                                   ♦ Add Relationships

                                   ♦ Maintain Plan Data

                                   ♦ Add account assignment to the company organizational unit

                                   ♦ Account assignment features

                                   ♦ Structure Maintenance

Configuring Positions

                                   ♦ Configure Positions

                                   ♦ Configure Reporting Relationships

                                   ♦ Produce an Organizational Structure Report

Executing a Personnel Action

                                  ♦ Hire an Employee

                                  ♦ Make changes to Employee Master Data

                                  ♦ Produce an Employee List report for the new employee


Using the Implementation Guide (IMG)

                                  ♦ Create a Project Plan

                                  ♦ Generate a project IMG

                                  ♦ Description of Vacant Position

                                  ♦ Use the "find" feature to locate IMG activities

                                  ♦ Execute IMG activity

                                  ♦ Maintain status of project activities

Establishing the Enterprise Structure

                                  ♦ Configuring Personnel Sub-Areas

                                  ♦ Employee Sub-groups

                                  ♦ Grouping for Work Schedules

Additional Organizational Assignments

                                 ♦ Maintain HR Master Data

                                 ♦ Change Organizational Assignment

Using Features

                                 ♦ Display Features

                                 ♦ Process Feature Decision Tree

Understanding Planned Working Time Connection to Basic Pay

                                 ♦ Display the HR Master Data

                                 ♦ Planned Working Time

                                 ♦ Basic Pay

                                 ♦ Work Schedules Overview , Primary Wage Type and Employee Groupings

Defining Payscale Structures

                                ♦ Customizing Project Administration

                                ♦ Process Feature Tariff: Decision Tree

                                ♦ Choose Activity

                                ♦ Change Payscale-period parameter assignment

                               ♦ Determine work area

                               ♦ Create Basic Pay

Defining Wage Types

                               ♦ Create Dialog Wage Type

                               ♦ Understand Controls used to determine wage type assignment

                               ♦ Define feature LGMST to default wage type assignment

                               ♦ Setup indirect valuation

Performing Payscale reclassification and Pay increases

                               ♦ Understand how to perform payscale reclassifications

                               ♦ Configure a payscale reclassification to a new payscale level after employees have been in a payscale level for one year

                               ♦ Understand how to perform standard pay increases

Confirming the new master data configuration

                               ♦ Modify an existing organizational structure to add a new organizational unit and new position

                               ♦ Process a hire personnel action and confirm the functionality of the newly configured personnel subarea, employee subgroup, payscales and wage types.

Quick Tips

                              ♦ Completing an Action

                              ♦ Maintaining Free Text

                              ♦ Time Off Award

                              ♦ Creating Positions

                              ♦ Changing Cost Centers

                              ♦ Changing Bank Details

                              ♦ Recurring Payments and Deductions

                              ♦ Changing Addresses

                              ♦ Viewing Organizational Structure

                              ♦ Changing Work Rule

                              ♦ Date Types

                             ♦ Kronos Information

                             ♦ Preparing for an Interview with SAP HCM Consultant.

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