SAP IS Utilities

Course Overview:

This module covers the domain knowledge and current trends in Energy and Utilities. The contents are customized to understand the relevance of billing in the energy sector. Meaning of Energy and Utilities in E&U Domain, Overview of Electrical Power System, IT Systems in Electrical Power Systems.Typical Energy Billing System Architecture and Deregulation.

Course Content:


♦ Understanding of typical electricity bill

♦ How Rates and Prices are mapped in IS-U

♦ Billing Master Data-Configuration of Tariff Design

♦ Billing Schema

♦ Variants in Billing Schema

♦ Operands and Operators in Variants

♦ Rate Category

♦ Rate Type

♦ Rate

♦ Rate Determination

♦ Price

♦ Billing Class

♦ Price Adjustment Class

♦ Discount and Surcharge

♦ Explanation of Different Billing Cycles

♦ Billing Processing

♦ Billing Reversal

Device Management

♦ Basic electrical concepts related to metering

♦ Types of meters in electrical energy measurement

♦ Device Master Data

♦ Register Group

♦ Device category

♦ Device

♦ Meter Reading Order Creation

♦ Consumption Results Entry Process

Regional Structure

♦ Political Regional Structure

♦ Postal Regional Structure


♦ Budget Billing Plans

♦ Parameter Record

♦ Portion

♦ Meter Reading Unit

♦ Scheduling

Business Master Data

♦ Business Partner

♦ Contract Account

♦ Contract

Technical Master Data

♦ Connection Object

♦ Premise

♦ Device Location

♦ Point of Delivery

♦ Installation 

Customer Services

♦ Front Office

♦ Customer Interaction Center

♦ Customer Information

♦ Process Execution

♦ Move-In

♦ Move-Out

♦ Move-In/Move-Out

♦ Accelerated Entry: Move-in/Move-Out

♦ Disconnection/Reconnection

♦ Contract Account Receivable and Payable

♦ Difference between FICO and FICA

♦ Sub-ledger and General ledger

♦ Open items management


♦ Recognize how SAP IS-U is integrated with SAP R3

♦ Integration between SAP IS-U modules

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