SAP Product Costing

Course Overview:

SAP Product Costing is a comprehensive tool used for planning costs and establishing material prices. It helps in approximating the cost of goods sold, manufactured, and COGS for each product unit. SAP Product Costing supports two different types of material costing processes Material cost estimate with quantity structure and Material cost estimate without quantity structure. Material cost estimate with quantity structure works in a combination of BOM (Bill of Material) and the passage of goods determined. Product Costing is integrated closely with various SAP modules as the initial data comes from SAP modules like Material Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), and Cost Center Accounting (CO).

Course Content:


♦ Product Cost Controlling

♦ Product Cost Planning

♦ Cost Object Controlling with Make to Stock Scenario

 Master Data Review for Product Costing

♦ Cost Elements

♦ Cost Center

♦ Activity Types

♦ Purchasing Info Record

♦ Master Recipe

♦ Resources in Process Manufacturing

Preliminary Cost Estimate

♦ Production Order Control for Product Cost by Order

♦ Sales Order Costing for Product Cost by Sales Order

♦ Product Cost Collector Control for Product Cost by Period

♦ Display Planned Costs

Product Cost Planning

♦ Cost Center Planning

♦ Activity Planning

♦ Maintain Distribution and Assessment Cycles

♦ Distribution and Assessment Execute Plan

♦ Activity Rate

♦ Costing Variant

♦ Cost Estimate including Execute Calculation, Create Material, and Mark and Release Standard

♦ Analyze Costing

♦ Price Update

♦ Mixed Costing

Reporting in Product Cost Planning

♦ Summarized Analysis

♦ Detailed Reports

PP-PI Make to Stock Cost Object Controlling

♦ Product Cost by Order – Make to Stock Value Flow

♦ Process Order

♦ ME Close Activities with WIP result

♦ Settlement

♦ ME Close Activities with Variance result

♦ Overhead Calculation

♦ WIP Calculation

♦ Variance Calculation

Costing Sheets, Cost Components

♦ Overhead, Calculation Base, Overhead Rate, Credit Key

♦ Cost Component Terms, Cost Components with Attributes, Cost Component.

♦ View Organizational Units of Cost Components, Cost Component Groups

Costing Variant Components

♦ Define Costing Variant, Costing Type, Valuation Variant, Date Control, Quantity Structure Control

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