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SAP S/4 Hana Finance Training Syllabus

Refer below SAP Hana finance tutorial step by step with real-time project scenarios. It is advised to refer topic by topic for better learning and easy understanding of SAP /4 Hana finance.

SAP Simple Finance – Basics

  • What is SAP Simple Finance
  • Overview of SAP S4 Hana
  • SAP Hana development
  • SAP Hana Architecture
  • Central finance in Simple Finance
  • General ledgers (G/L) and cost elements in Simple Finance
  • Integrated business planning finance in Simple Finance
  • Cash management in S/4 Hana Finance
  • Asset accounting in S/4 Hana Finance
  • Controlling in S/4 Hana Finance
  • SAP R/3 – Basics
  • What is SAP
  • What is ERP

ASAP Methodology

  • SAP Hana Finance – Enterprise Structure
  • Define company
  • Define company code
  • Define controlling area
  • Define chart of depreciation
  • SAP S/4 Hana Finance – Master Data
  • Maintain Fiscal Year Variant
  • Assign company code to fiscal year variant
  • Maintain the chart of accounts
  • Assign company code to chart of accounts
  • Define account groups
  • Define retained earnings account
  • Define posting period variant
  • Define field status variant
  • Assign variant to company code
  • Define open and close posting periods
  • Define tolerance group for G/L
  • Create G/L account master record (FS00)
  • SAP Simple Finance – Customization

Check prerequisites before FI-AA migration

  • SAP Simple Finance add on for SAP business suite powered by SAP Hana
  • Define settings for journal entry ledger
  • Assign input tax indicator for nontaxable acquisitions
  • Define how depreciation areas post to the general ledger
  • Define technical clearing accounts for integrated asset acquisition
  • Define different technical clearing account
  • Specify alternative document type for accounting principle specific documents
  • Define separate document types by company codes
  • Define depreciation areas for quantity update
  • Define revenue distribution for fixed asset retirement
  • Post net book value instead of Gain/Loss
  • Migrate chart of depreciation
  • Perform additional manual activities
  • Define transaction types for manual depreciation
  • Check prerequisites for activating asset accounting
  • Adjust parameters in the chart of depreciation
  • Display migration log
  • Activate new asset accounting
  • Controlling Customization in Simple Finance

Execute BW-delta extraction for account-based CO-PA

  • Delete settings for the change of profitability segment chart
  • Maintain operating concern
  • Maintain operating concern for banking add-on
  • Activate account-based profitability analysis
  • Assing controlling area to operating concern
  • Transport operating concern
  • General Ledger Customization in Simple Finance

Activate SAP Reference IMG for Financial Accounting (New)

  • Check and adopt fiscal year variants
  • Migrate general ledger customizing
  • Define settings for journal entry ledger
  • Define ledger for CO version
  • Define document types for posting in controlling
  • Define document type mapping variant for CO business transactions
  • Check and define default values for postings in controlling
  • Define offsetting account determination type
  • Define source ledger for migration of balances
  • Execute a consistency check of general ledger settings
  • Activate business functions
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