Course Overview:

System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) course content at Mindmajix is developed by industry experts. Our SCCM latest course content 2020 will help the students to learn everything from scratch and makes them confident enough to clear the SCCM interview process. This SCCM syllabus will help you simplify your learning process and makes you an SCCM professional. You will come to know complete SCCM course details in the upcoming sections.  

Course Content:

Introduction of System Center 2016 Configuration Manager

♦ Overview of the System Center 2016 Family of Products

♦ Benefits of Implementing System Center (SCCM 2016) 

♦ Overview of the Configuration Manager (SCCM 2016) Hierarchy

♦ What Is a Central /Primary / Secondary Site?

♦ Configuration Manager Site System Roles

♦ How Data Flows and Replicates in a Hierarchy

♦ Monitoring Site and Component Status

♦ Planning a System Center (SCCM 2016) Stand-Alone Primary Site

Managing Operating System Deployment

♦ Overview of Operating System Deployment /Prerequisites for the Operating System Deployment

♦ Configure DHCP Server as a prerequisite for Operating System Deployment

♦ Preparing the Site for Operating System Deployment

♦ Capturing a Reference Computer Operating System Image

♦ Creating a Operating System Task Sequence to Deploy an Image

♦ Deploying an Operating System

♦ Viewing Log files, Monitoring and Troubleshooting Windows Operating System Deployment

Managing the Configuration Manager Client

♦ Overview of Client Push method, Site wide/Software Update Point/Group Policy/Manual/Logon Script/OSD

♦ Preparing the Site for Client Installation

♦ Configuring sccm client deployment methods

♦ Configuring User and Device Policies for sccm client deployment

♦ Deploying Configuration Manager Clients

♦ Configuring and Monitoring Client Installation Process and Status

Managing Inventory and Software Metering

♦ Configuring Asset Intelligence

♦ Configuring Hardware Inventory

♦ Configuring Software Inventory

♦ Configure and manage hardware and software inventory, monitor inventory data flow

♦ Overview, Benefit and Configuring of software metering. 

♦ Lab : Configuring and Managing Inventory Collection

Querying and Reporting Data

♦ Preparing site to run queries and reports by using SQL Server Reporting Services.

Introduction and Managing Queries

♦ Configuring SQL Server Reporting Services

♦ Introduction to SCCM and Web portal reports

♦ Overview to SQL Management Studio tables and view data

♦ Creating custom reports by joining multiple SQL Data Tables using SQL Management Studio and SQL Report Builder

Managing Software Deployments by Using Application and Package Model

♦ Introduction to Applications and Packages models 

♦ Configuring Software Distribution / Software Distribution Concepts

♦ Creating and deploying Application with approval flow concepts, detection method and  deployment requirement

♦ Distributing Content to Distribution Points

♦ Deploying an Application to a User or a Device

♦ What Is Software Center?

♦ Configuring the Application Catalog

♦ Configuring Packages and Programs

♦ Managing Application Deployment

♦ Viewing Log files, Monitoring and Troubleshooting application deployment

Overview of Configuration Manager 2016 Site Maintenance

♦ Performing Backup and Recovery of a Configuration Manager 2016 Site

♦ Monitoring Configuration Manager 2016 Site Systems

Deploying and Managing Software Updates

♦ Overview of Software Updates /Prerequisites for the Software Updates Feature

♦ Preparing the Configuration Manager Site for Software Updates

♦ Configuring Software Update types product classifications

♦ Synchronizing the Software Update Catalog Metadata with Microsoft Update Server

♦ Creating Software Update Groups and Deployment Packages

♦ Deploying and Managing Software Updates

♦ Configuring Automatic Deployment Rules

♦ Software Updates Reports

♦ Viewing Log files, Monitoring and Troubleshooting Software Updates

Discovering and Organizing Resources

♦ Overview of Discovery Methods

♦ Active Directory® Discovery Methods/Network Discovery/Heartbeat Discovery?

♦ Configuring (Forest, Groups, System, Users) discovery methods

♦ Configuring boundaries and boundary groups

♦ Configuring client assignments

♦ Overview and Managing user and device collections

♦ Create device and user collection with direct, query based membership rules

♦ Overview and Configuring Role-Based Administration

System Center 2016 Primary Site Deployment

♦ Exploring the Configuration Manager Console with all prerequisites

♦ Extending the Active Directory Schema

♦ Installing and Configuring SQL Database Server

♦ Configuring Network Firewall Settings

♦ Installing a Configuration Manager ( SCCM 2016 ) Site Server

♦ Exploring the Configuration Manager Console

♦ Searching in the Configuration Manager Console

♦ Monitoring and Troubleshooting a Configuration Manager Site

♦ Reviewing Log Files by Using Configuration Manager Trace Log Tool

Managing Compliance Settings and profiles

♦ Overview of Compliance Settings

♦ Creating Configuration Item and Compliance Baseline for devices

♦ Configure compliance detection and remediation method

♦ Viewing Compliance Results

Implementing Endpoint Protection by Using System Center 2016 Configuration Manager

♦ Overview of Endpoint Protection in Configuration Manager

♦ Configuring and Monitoring Endpoint Protection Policies

Configuring Power Management, and Remote Control

♦ Configuring Power Management Settings

♦ Configuring Remote Control

Mobile Device Management Using System Center 2016 Configuration Manager

♦ Overview of Mobile Device Management

♦ Managing Mobile Devices by using the Windows Intune Connector

♦ Create policies and compliance settings for mobile devices.

♦ Enroll mobile devices using Microsoft Company Portal

♦ Deploying Application to Mobile Device


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