Embark on an exciting training program that will unlock your potential as a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET). Discover the art of designing and building cutting-edge automated test frameworks, crafting powerful test scripts, and executing thorough tests that guarantee top-notch software quality. Dive into immersive hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios that will enhance your mastery of programming languages, testing methodologies, and collaborative strategies. By the program's end, you'll be armed with indispensable tools to make a significant impact on the triumph of software development projects as a skilled SDET. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your career to new heights!

Introduction to SDET

•              Introduction to Java

•              Difference between JDK, JRE and JVM

•              Downloading and Installing Java

•              Downloading and Installing Eclipse

•              Operators in Java

•              Data Types and Variables

•              Control Flow Statements

•              Java Comments


OOPS Concepts

•              Introduction to Classes

•              Methods in Java

•              Objects in Java

•              What is Constructor?

•              Constructor advantages and its types

•              Inheritance

•              Polymorphism

•              Method Overloading and Overriding

•              Final Keyword

•              Interface

•              Introduction to Array

•              Java String Packages

•              Wrapper Classes

•              Exception Handling

•              Collections Framework List, Set, and Map Interfaces


Introduction to Selenium

•              Setting Up a project from scratch for Selenium

 •             Downloading Selenium JAR files

•              Downloading Browser exe files

Selenium WebDriver Basic Commands

•              Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

•              How to launch Browsers?

•              Architecture of Webdriver

•              Methods in WebDriver Create your first script using Webdriver

•              Navigating to URL

•              Verifying Page Title

•              Closing Browser

•              Using Back and Forward buttons

•              How to Refresh the page

Selenium Locators & Web Element Commands

•              Difference between FindElement & FindElements

•              How to Enter & Clear Text from Input field

•            How to perform Click Action Input fields, buttons & links

•              Introduction to HTML basics

•              What are Locators?

•              Identifying ID, Name, Xpath, and CSS from HTML Code

•              Introduction to XPath

•            Types of XPath (Difference between Absolute & Complete Xpath)

•              What are Web Elements?

•              Locating Web Elements using Locators

 •             Introduction to ChroPath

•              Writing Xpath

•              Selecting and Unselecting Checkboxes

•              Handling Drop Down Scenarios – Select/Deselect

•              Select and Deselect Radio Button

•              Validate Drop Down Values

Selenium waits, alerts and action class

•              Types of Waits in Selenium

•              Expected Conditions with Waits

•              Page Load Timeout & Set Script Timeout

•              property Implementing wait by Thread Sleep

•              Wait Until Conditions

•              Handling Ajax based applications

•              What are Alerts?

•              Types of Alerts

•              Handling Simple, Confirmation & Prompt Alert

•              Difference between Window Handle & Handles

•              What is Action Class?

•              What can we do with Action Class?

•              Mouse Hover & Mouse Movement with Action

•              Drag and Drop Action

•              Handling Multiple Windows

•              Handling Multiple Tabs

•              What is an IFrame?

•              Identifying an Iframe

 •             Switching to IFrames using Selenium WebDriver

•              Scrolling on a web page


Advanced selenium Concepts

•              Handling Dynamic Web Tables

•              Introduction to Selenium Grid

•              How to capture Screenshots?

•              SSL Certificates Error Handling

•              Execute JavaScript Based code for Selenium Webdriver

•              How to perform Cross-Browser testing?

•              Launching different browsers using Webdriver



•              What is JUnit?

•              JUnit Annotations

•              JUnit Assert

•              JUnit test suite

•              What is TestNG?

•              How to install TestNG?

•              Benefits and features of TestNG

•              Installing TestNG plug-in in Eclipse

•              Annotations in TestNG

•              Testng.xml

•              Grouping

•              Parameterization

•              Parallel/Cross Browser Testing

•              Introduction to Reports

•              Types of Reports

 Introduction to Maven

•              What is Maven?

•              Features of Maven

•              Why use Maven

•              Installing & Running Maven

•              Using Maven in your project

•              Understanding of the POM file

BDD Framework with Cucumber

•              How to download Cucumber?

•              How to install Cucumber Eclipse Plugin

•              Configure Eclipse with Cucumber

•              What are Feature Files?

•              How to create Feature File?

•              How to execute Feature Files?

•              What is Gherkinization?

•              What is Step Definition?

•              How to generate Glue code/Step Definitions?



•              Overview of DevOps

•              Relationship between Agile and DevOps

•              CI/CD Pipeline

•              DevOps Toolchain

•              Overview of DevOps tools


•              Overview of GIT

•              GIT Installation

•              Create GIT Account

•              GIT Lifecycle

•              GIT Integration with Eclipse

•              GIT Create


•              GIT Clone

•              GIT Commit

•              GIT Push

•              GIT Update

•              GIT Delete

Design & Develop Page Object Model Framework

•              Why Page Object Model?

•              What is Page Object Model?

•              What is Page Factory?

•              Advantages of POM

•              Implementing POM using Selenium WebDriver

•              Implementing POM with Page Factory

Automation Frameworks

•              What is Automation Framework?

•              Why do we need Automation Framework?

•              Architecture of Automation Framework

•              How to design Automation Framework

•              Types of Automation Frameworks

  • Data-Driven Testing Framework


  • Hybrid Testing Framework


  • Behavior-Driven Development Framework


  • Introduction to Page Object Model



•              Introduction to API Testing

•              Why is API testing important?

•              What are Web Services?

•              Understanding the REST API architecture

•              Understanding the GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests

•              Validating the REST API responses


•              What is Jenkins?

•              How to install Jenkins?

•              Create your first job in Jenkins

•              Create a Pipeline using Jenkins  

•              Integrating your project with Jenkins.

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