Selenium - Java Trainers

Selenium - Java

Course Overview:

Selenium with Java Training course designed to teach the basics of the WebDriver API using Java. This course also covers webdriver Interface explanation and Invoking Browser, Identifying locators(id,name,linkText) with developer tools -1, Techniques to automate Ajax calls,Child Windows and IFrames, Difference between HashMap and HashTable, Writing Generic functions to Identify Frames/Windows. Selenium with Java training from mindmajix can help your career reach another success ladder. The trains consists of full hand on the session such as how can automation web based application and implementation will help in frameworks such as Hybrid and Data driven that can help you in future. 

Course Content:


 ♦ Automation tools in the market 

 ♦ Why automation required

 ♦ Automation Scenario drafting

 ♦ Introduction to Eclipse IDE

Core Java Learnings

 ♦ Language fundamentals 

 ♦ Operators & Assignments

 ♦ Flow Control 

 ♦ Declarations & access modifiers


 ♦ Exception Handling  

 ♦ Collections

Introduction to Selenium

♦ What is selenium Tool

♦ Use of selenium tool in automation

♦ Features of Selenium tool

♦ Differences between Selenium and other Tools

Selenium Components

♦ Selenium IDE

♦ Selenium WebDriver

♦ Selenium Grid

Selenium WebDriver

♦ Introduction to Web Driver

♦ Configure Eclipse IDE (Adding selenium Libraries)

♦ Using Firefox Driver API

♦ Working with Different Elements and programming

♦ Text boxes

♦ Checkbox, Radio Buttons

♦ Buttons

♦ Links

♦ Selecting values from a Dropdown list

♦ Working with Table Elements

♦ Using Actions API

♦ Handling keyboard, mouse events ,Drag and drop

♦ Scrolling the window

♦ Screenshot

♦ Use of javascript Executor

♦ Scenarios

Handling Windows

♦ Handling alerts /pop-ups

♦ Handling windows alerts using AutoIT

♦ Handling Frames

♦ Handling multiple tabbed windows

XPATH and CSS in detail

♦ Using Xpath, DOM, CSS

♦ How to recognize dynamically changing elements

♦ Using Regular expressions

Selenium Learnings

 ♦ Webdriver Configuration with eclipse 

 ♦ Selenium IDE 

 ♦ Selenium Webdriver 

 ♦ Selenium Grid 

 ♦ Firebug 

 ♦ Object identification techniques 

 ♦ Page Object Model 

 ♦ Actions API 

 ♦ Wait types in selenium

TestNG Framework Learnings

 ♦ TestNG Configuration with eclipse 

 ♦ TestNG Annotations 

 ♦ TestNG XML file 

 ♦ TestNG Reports

 ♦ TestNG DataProvider

Apache POI Learnings

 ♦ Database connection 

 ♦ Reading data from excel

 ♦ Upload data into the database

Maven Dependency management learnings

 ♦ Maven configuration with eclipse 

 ♦ Maven dependency management 

 ♦ Maven integration with Jenkins

Ant Build management tool Learnings

♦ Ant configuration with eclipse

♦ Writing build.xml file 

♦ Integration with Jenkins

Jenkins CI tool learnings

 ♦ Installation and setup of Jenkins

 ♦ Integration with SCM tool 

 ♦ Creating a job


♦ Build scheduling 

♦ Execution analysis

Mercurial hg SCM tool

  ♦ Installation and setup of mercurial hg 

  ♦ Creating users and access levels 

  ♦ Creating repositories 

  ♦ Code merge and clone techniques

Execution Report creation

 ♦ Html report creation and analysis techniques

 ♦ Excel report creation

Framework creation

 ♦ Excel files design for test data 

 ♦ Automation scenario drafting

 ♦ Creation of libraries files 

 ♦ Creation of utility files 

 ♦ Test classes with TestNG annotations

 ♦ Assertion strategy 

♦ Snapshot and report generation path

♦ Exception handling strategy


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