Selenium - Python Trainers

Selenium - Python

Course Overview:

This training will help you to comprehend end-to-end Selenium with Python hands-on from scratch using real-time examples. You’ll gain complete knowledge on Python Automation using Selenium WebDriver through practical sessions. This online course will help you in getting proficient in python programming concepts, automation framework design, Selenium Python API Methods, and more. Python is structured and easy to learn  programming  language. It will help you in getting proficient with Python basics, Selenium 3.0 suite, web driver, PyUnit, PyTest, data-driven testing, frameworks etc. 

Course Content:


♦ Downloading Python bindings for Selenium

♦ Drivers

♦ Detailed instructions for Windows users

♦ Downloading Selenium server

Getting Started

♦ Simple Usage

♦ Example Explained

♦ Using Selenium to write tests

♦ Walkthrough of the example

♦ Using Selenium with remote WebDriver


♦ Interacting with the page

♦ Filling in forms

♦ Drag and drop

♦ Moving between windows and frames

♦ Popup dialogs

♦ Navigation: history and location

♦ Cookies

Locating Elements

♦ Locating by Id

♦ Locating by Name

♦ Locating by XPath

♦ Locating Hyperlinks by Link Text

♦ Locating Elements by Tag Name

♦ Locating Elements by Class Name

♦ Locating Elements by CSS Selectors


♦ Explicit Waits

♦ Implicit Waits

Page Objects

♦ Test case

♦ Page object classes

♦ Page elements

♦ Locators

WebDriver API

♦ Exceptions

♦ Action Chains

♦ Alerts

♦ Special Keys

♦ Locate elements By

♦ Desired Capabilities

♦ Touch Actions

♦ Proxy

♦ Utilities

♦ Service

♦ Application Cache

♦ Firefox WebDriver

♦ Firefox WebDriver Options

♦ Firefox WebDriver Profile

♦ Firefox WebDriver Binary

♦ Firefox WebDriver Extension Connection

♦ Chrome WebDriver

♦ Chrome WebDriver Options

♦ Chrome WebDriver Service

♦ Remote WebDriver

♦ Remote WebDriver WebElement

♦ Remote WebDriver Command

♦ Remote WebDriver Error Handler

♦ Remote WebDriver Mobile

♦ Remote WebDriver Remote Connection

♦ Remote WebDriver Utils

♦ Internet Explorer WebDriver

♦ Android WebDriver

♦ Opera WebDriver

♦ Phantom JS WebDriver

♦ Phantom JS WebDriver Service

♦ Safari WebDriver

♦ Safari WebDriver Service

♦ Select Support

♦ Wait Support

♦ Color Support

♦ Event Firing WebDriver Support

♦ Abstract Event Listener Support

♦ Expected conditions Support

Appendix: Frequently Asked Questions

♦ How to use Chrome Driver?

♦ Does Selenium 2 support XPath 2.0?

♦ How to scroll down to the bottom of a page?

♦ How to autosave files using custom Firefox profile?

♦ How to upload files into file inputs?

♦ How to use Firebug with Firefox?

♦ How to take a screenshot of the current window?

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