SharePoint Administration

Course Overview:

SharePoint Central Administration is the place where you can perform administration tasks from a central location. SharePoint Administrators manage the content hosted on SharePoint and help expedite user adoption within an organization. They are responsible for maintaining and securing the platform and monitoring system usage to optimize performance.

Course Content:


♦ This lesson introduces the SharePoint Administration training course objectives and agenda

Server Architecture

♦Web Front End

♦ Application Server

♦ Database Server

SharePoint Server Topologies and Hierarchy

♦ Farm Architecture

♦ Web Applications

♦ Sites and Libraries

Application Management

♦ Manage Web Applications

♦ Manage Site Collections

♦ Manage Content Databases

♦ Manage Service Application


♦ Application Pool and Application Pool Identity

♦ Managing Application pool identity

♦ Managing IIS Websites

System Settings

♦ Manage server in multi-farm

♦ Manage Farm feature

♦ Manage custom solutions

♦ Configuring in-coming and out-going emails


♦ Health Analyser

♦ Configuring and Monitoring Timer jobs

♦ Configuring and Monitoring health reports

♦ Monitoring Event logs

♦ Monitoring Logs

Service Applications

♦ What is Service Applications?

♦ Service Accounts and Managed Account

♦ Configuring new Service Applications

♦ Managing services across farm


♦ Manage farm administrators

♦ Configure user policy.

♦ Manage Service and Farm Accounts


♦ Change license type and Upgrade process

♦ Patch installation

♦ Monitor upgrade status

PowerShell Scripting

♦ Backup and Restore Site Collection

♦ Import and Export Site Collection

♦ Install and Active Custom Solutions

♦ Configure Service Applications


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