SharePoint Designer

Course Overview:

Many businesses that use SharePoint also store data in other places: SQL databases, cloud storage sites, HR and accounting systems, inventories, and point-of-sale systems. SharePoint Designer simplifies the process with a no-code interface that can be integrated with Microsoft® Visio® 2013 to easily manipulate workflow shapes. Learn how to connect to, read, and even update information stored externally, in locations like these, and create rich, highly visual webpages with SharePoint Designer.

Course Content:


♦ Definition – of a SharePoint implementation plan

♦ Building – of a structured approach

♦ Comprehensive Assessment – of the organizational infrastructure

♦ Recommendation- of a business plan for successful SharePoint Integration

The e-Zest SharePoint Design and Architecture offering:

♦ Discover how the types of SharePoint pages control the tone of common pages on the site.

♦ Explain the steps to take when creating a new page in SharePoint Designer.

♦ Identify how to manage data sources such as RSS, XML, and Data View Web Parts.

♦ Recognize how Business Connectivity Services allows the user to arrange external content and lists.

♦ Describe the purpose of data driven pages and how to compile them.

♦ Describe how Business Data Web Parts assists the user in combining relevant data and displaying the results.

♦ Explain how to filter data to make pages user friendly.

♦ Determine how to display associated lists with Related List Web Part.


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