SharePoint Developer

Course Overview:

The SharePoint developer guides you through the features, technologies, capabilities, and models for development that distinguish SharePoint as a development platform. SharePoint serves as the center of collaboration. where content is stored and communicated across teams, departments, and the whole organization. The latest development advancements and new capabilities for SharePoint. You’ll take away new ideas for building next-generation collaboration applications, and get the essential roadmap for custom apps in your organization.

Course Content:


♦ Work with open source tools Node.js, Yeoman, Gulp

♦ Prepare a machine for SharePoint Framework development

♦ Work with npm modules inside their project

♦ Build client-side web parts with SharePoint Framework

♦ Build UI extensions

♦ Use advanced JavaScript patterns

♦ Write and compile TypeScript

♦ Style their components with Sass

♦ Use the SharePoint REST API

♦ Consume their own webservices

♦ Understand and write React with TypeScript

♦ Use JSX as a way to create HTML content

♦ Style their customizations with the Office UI Fabric

♦ Deploy a SharePoint Framework solution

♦ Deploy SharePoint artifacts from within a SharePoint Framework solution

♦ Consume the Microsoft Graph API from within SharePoint Framework

♦ Configure the build process of Gulp

Building BI Solutions using Excel and SharePoint 2013

♦ Basics of Business Intelligence (BI).

♦ Explore the tools and working environment provided by the PowerPivot Add-in.

♦ Design time dimensions for use in an Excel data model.

♦ Use the enhanced Power View support

♦ Make use of the BI capabilities

♦ Understand the concepts and components used in traditional BI solutions that involve a data warehouse.

♦ Build BI solutions with PerformancePoint Services.

♦ Integrate SharePoint 2013 and SQL Reporting Services.

♦ Use the BI features

SharePoint 2013 Application Model

♦ Examine the architecture and fundamental concepts

♦ Review essential concepts and syntax for JavaScript programming.

♦ Understand the supporting architecture for SharePoint-hosted applications.

♦ Learn the essential concepts and programming techniques required to call web services. 

♦ Create REST URIs to target SharePoint objects

♦ Use the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern

♦ Develop applications using AngularJS.

♦ Create a user interface experience in the pages of the remote web.

♦Develop provider-hosted apps with a server-to-server (S2S) trust. 

♦ Develop custom web services using the Web API.

♦ Incorporate SharePoint 2013 services.

♦ Manage the lifecycle of a SharePoint application in a production environment.

♦ Understand how to develop apps for the Office 365 environment.

Branding SharePoint 2013 Sites

♦ Gain branding, website design, and usability best practices.

♦ Explore the similarities and differences between Team sites and Publishing sites.

♦ Aspx pages together with master pages and CSS.

♦ Work with CSS in SharePoint.

♦ Understand what the Design Manager is and its role in branding SharePoint Publishing sites.

♦ Customize master pages

♦ Create custom page layouts.

♦ Use web parts and style them using CSS and XSLT.

♦ Customize content display in SharePoint 2013 using display templates.

♦ Implement a responsive design to optimize a SharePoint site across devices.

♦ Create and apply a customized composed look to a team site.

♦ Learn advanced publishing features.

SharePoint Designer 2013 and Other Tools

♦ Create a new Team Site in Central Administration

♦ Learn to get around in the new App-Centric user interface

♦ Create Site Columns and Content Types

♦ Work with Document Libraries and Document Sets

♦ Create and Deploy InfoPath Forms

♦ Create Workflows in SharePoint 2013

♦ Work with External Data using Business Connectivity Services

♦ Use the Managed Metadata Service

♦ Work with User Profiles and MySites

♦ Create Custom Solutions using the SharePoint 2013 Search Service

♦ Work with a SharePoint 2013 Publishing Portal

♦ Use Excel Services in SharePoint 2013

♦ Create SharePoint Reports using SQL Server Reporting Services

Introduction to SharePoint 2013 Development

♦ Understand SharePoint 2013 both from a capability and architectural perspective

♦ Use farm and sandbox solutions

♦ Extend SharePoint sites using the SharePoint AppModel

♦ Create custom application pages as well as content pages

♦ Program with the security API and secure SharePoint Apps using app identity

♦ Build solutions that run on the server and use the SharePoint Server-Side API

♦ Leverage each of the three client object models (CSOM) implementations in SharePoint projects

♦ Create custom workflows

♦ Consume and interact with external data sources as well as create a custom .NET  Assembly Connector

♦ Understand the search architecture and use it in custom solutions

♦ Use all of the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities.

Modern SharePoint and Office 365 Development

♦ Develop with Node.js and Visual Studio Code

♦ Develop SPAs with React and JSX/TSX

♦ Work with the SharePoint Framework

♦ Use React Web Parts

♦ Package and Deploy SharePoint Framework Solutions

♦ Program with the Microsoft Graph API

♦ Embed Power BI Report using SPFX Web Parts

♦ Create Secure Applications with Azure Active Directory

♦ Develop for Microsoft Teams

♦ Use Azure Functions

♦ Develop Webhooks for SharePoint Online




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