SQL Server DBA

Course Overview:

In this training you will learn relational database functionalities, SQL queries, managing, maintaining, and securing databases, and the automation of SQL Server. Moreover, you will work on case studies and industry-standard projects.

Course Content:


♦ Basic SQL Architecture

♦ SQL DB Files

♦ Locks in SQL Server

♦ Transaction Isolation Levels

♦ System Databases

SQL Server Installation: (Live Example)

♦ System Requirements & suggestions

♦ SQL server Installation using GUI

♦ SQL Server Installation using Configuration.ini

♦ Rebuilding Master DB

♦ SQL server upgrade, Patching & SQL DB Migration

SQL Server Backup & Restore: (Live Example)


♦ DB structure based on Recovery Models

♦ Relation with Recovery Models & Backup solutions

♦ Types of Backups including Copy only

♦ Maintenance plans

♦ DBA Email Alerts

♦ Understanding SQL LSN & Backups


♦ Database Restore & Recovery

♦ Full Database Restore

♦ Full DB restore & transaction logs recovery

♦ Restoring System DBs (Recap on SQL Server Installation Rebuilding Master DB)

♦ Understanding SQL LSN & Backups-Restore

Data Movement

♦ Data Import & Export using BCP Commands

♦ Data Import & Export using SQL Import & Export Wizard

Security Concepts in SQL

♦ SQL Server Authentication Vs Windows Authentication

♦ Logins & Users of SQL Server

♦ Understanding Server Level Roles

♦ User Defined Server level Roles

♦ Contained Database Configuration. (Depends on the environment)

♦ Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

Performance Tuning


♦ Database indexes understanding

♦ Checking index defragmentation & Maintenance

♦ Database Health Check

♦ Understanding SQL Server Profiler

♦ Creating & Running Traces


♦ Understanding Extended Events

♦ Creating & configuring Extended Events

Advanced SQL Server Technology (Live Examples whichever is possible)

♦ Log Shipping

♦ Database Mirroring

♦ Clustering

♦ Replication

♦ Always On Technology

♦ Column Store Index

♦ Using SSD in SQL 2014


♦ SQLCMD & PS Scripts for proactive System

♦ SQL Maintenance

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