Course Overview:

Teamcenter training is the world’s most widely used PLM system at the core is a best in class. PDM system that provides a single source of product and process knowledge. Many companies today find their knowledge scattered across multiple applications and filed systems this approach comes with many challenges. Teamcenter is a suite of product lifecycle management (PLM) computer software applications. It was originally created by UGS Corporation, a company which later became Siemens PLM Software.

Course Content:

Team center USER:

♦ Team center Architecture

♦ Workspace objects

♦ Object Reference

♦ Revision Control

♦ Access management

♦ Structure Manager

♦ Classification

♦ Workflow Process

♦ Utilities

♦ Import/Export

Team center Administration:

♦ BMIDE Overview

♦ Classes & Attributes

♦ properties, Global, Type, Template & Package creation, Export, Import form types and ♦ LOVs

♦ Item data types

♦ Organization

♦ Queries and Reports

♦ Creating Revision Rules

♦ Access manager

♦ Workflow Process Modeling

♦ Change management

♦ Business Modeling

♦ Classification Administration

♦ Preferences and Options

♦ Importing Non-CAD Data

♦ Importing CAD Data

♦ Utilities and their purpose

♦ Business Data Extraction and Population

Server Customization:

♦ ITK Overview

♦ Server Architecture: Where ITK Placed

♦ Understanding ITK API

♦ ITK Batch Program

♦ Utilities at a glance

♦ Migration methods and techniques

♦ Data Exchange and PLMXML

♦ TCUA Installation

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