UI Developer

Course Overview:

Top-notch industry experts have crafted this UI Developer course content to give the best learning experience for students. With this advanced expert-driven syllabus, students will extend their skill-set on HTML, CSS, javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap3, AngularJS, Unix, and further core concepts as well. Below course modules will lead you to enhance your skills in Web Development.

Course Content:


♦ HTML Text
♦ HTML Lists
♦ HTML Links
♦ HTML Tables, Forms and Form Elements
♦ HTML Images and Objects
♦ HTML5 Overview

Limitations of HTML4

♦ Form Elements and Attributes
♦ Working with Canvas, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
♦ Working with Audio and Video Elements
♦ Drag and Drop Events
♦ Web Storage & Browser Compatibility

Introduction to CSS & CSS3

♦ Working with Cascading Style Sheet

♦ Introduction to CSS & CSS3
♦ Understanding the Document Object Model
♦ Introduction to Style Sheets
♦ CSS Syntax, Comments, and Rules
♦ Selectors and Backgrounds
♦ Fonts and Typography
♦ Working with Links, Lists and Table
♦ CSS Color and positioning
♦ CSS Display and Positioning
♦ Gradients
♦ Text Effects and Web fonts
♦ 2D, 3D transformations
♦ Transitions and Animations


♦ JavaScript Overview

♦ Variables
♦ Arrays
♦ Strings
♦ Loops
♦ If/else and equivalence
♦ Object Literals
♦ Functions
♦ Scope and Hoisting


♦ jQuery Library
♦ First jQuery Example
♦ Document Ready Function
♦ How to escape a special character

JQuery - Selectors

♦ Basic and Precise Selectors
♦ Combination and Hierarchy of Selectors
♦ Selection Index Filters and Visibility Filters
♦ Forms Selectors and Filters
♦ JQuery - Document Traversal

Getting a specific DOM element
JQuery - Event

♦ Events Helpers
♦ Attaching and Detaching Events
♦ Events Triggering and Live Events
♦ JQuery – Effects, HTML Manipulation

JQuery – UI

♦ Working with the UI framework


♦ Introduction to Bootstrap 3
♦ Bootstrap History
♦ Why Bootstrap?
♦ Embedding Bootstrap into the page
♦ Bootstrap Grid System

Importance of Grid System

♦ Grid Classes
♦ Bootstrap Stacked/Horizontal
♦ Bootstrap Grid Small, Medium, and Large
♦ Bootstrap Grid Examples
♦ Bootstrap Text/Typography

Working with Text

♦Working with Contextual Colors and Backgrounds
♦ Bootstrap Images

Bootstrap Jumbotron

♦ Inside Container
♦ Outside Container
♦ Bootstrap Buttons

Overview of Button Styles including btn-default, btn-primary, btn-success, btn-info, btn-warning, btn-danger, btn-link
Overview of Button Sizes including btn-lg, btn-md, btn-sm and btn-xs
Active/Disabled Buttons
Boostrap Button Groups (Vertical, Nesting & Dropdown Menus)

Bootstrap Advanced Concepts

♦ Glyphicon Syntax, Badges, Progress Bars 
♦ Bootstrap Pagination, Basic Pagination, Active State, Disabled State, and Pagination Sizing
♦ Bootstrap Pager, List Groups, Forms, Inputs, and Carousel.
♦ Overview of Bootstrap Plugins
♦ Transition Plugin, Collapsible Plugin, Modal Dialog Plugin, Dropdown Plugin, Scrollspy Plugin, Tab Plugin. Tooltip Plugin, Popover Plugin, Alert Plugin, Button Plugin. Carousel Plugin, and Affix Plugin


♦ Angular Architecture
♦ Working with Angular
♦ Angular Version and Tools
♦ Angular Seed, Controllers and its scope
♦ How to create Controllers and working with border-image
♦ Angular Advanced Concepts 

♦ Working With Colocations In AngularJS
♦ Working With Events In AngularJS
♦ Displaying Repeating Information
♦ Demo with ng-repeat
♦ Built-In Directives
♦ Working with built-in directives

Other Directives

♦ Working With Expressions In AngularJS
♦ Working With Expressions In Filters
♦ Understanding Filters
♦ Built-in Filters
♦ Two Way Binding In AngularJS
♦ The impotence of two-way binding
♦ Two Way Binding Demo


♦ Importance of validation
♦ Working example
♦ Creating And Using Services
♦ Introduction of services in AngularJS
♦ Understanding the importance of Services
♦ Working with an Example

UNIX System Features

♦Multitasking, Multiuser, Easy Portability, Security, Communication.

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