WebSphere MQ System Admin

Course Overview:

This course is designed for technical professionals who require the skills to manage WebSphere MQ Version 7 queue managers on distributed systems, both Windows and UNIX (Solaris and AIX). Although many of the concepts are the same, it does not cover WebSphere MQ for z/OS and WebSphere MQ for iSeries. You can learn compare and contrast WebSphere MQ with other forms of program-to-program communication. Identify the major impacts of WebSphere MQ on application design.Describe the basic components and structure of WebSphere MQ Describe the function of each of the calls in the Message Queue Interface.

Course Content:


♦ Interoperability Challenges

♦ Messaging & Queuing defined

♦ Messaging & Queuing Characteristics

♦ Types of Messaging

♦ How Message Queuing Works

♦ Real-World Examples

Introduction to WebSphere MQ

♦ WebSphere MQ overview

♦ WebSphere MQ Installation

♦ Preparing Server Installation

♦ Installing WMQ Server

♦ Verifying installation

♦ Installing & verifying WMQ Client

WMQ Components

♦ Queue Manager

♦ Queues & Types of queues

♦ Channels & Channel Types

♦ Process Definition

♦ Name lists

MQ Message & Message Properties

♦ Triggering

Distributed Queuing

♦ Distributed Queue Management

♦ How DQM Works?

♦ Distributed Queuing Components

♦ Defining a connection between two systems

♦ Starting the communication

♦ Clustering Overview and Demo

Administration Using WMQ Commands

♦ Managing QM

♦ Administering WMQ Objects (Local & Remote)

♦ Automating Administration Tasks

♦ WebSphere MQ Control Commands

♦ WebSphere MQ Security

WebSphere MQ Configuration & Management

♦ Configuring MQ

♦ File System

♦ Transactional Support

♦ MQ Dead letter queue handler

Availability, Recovery, and Restart

♦ High Availability Configurations

♦ Logging

♦ Backing up and restoring MQ

♦ Recovery Scenarios

♦ Publish-Subscribe

♦ Problem Determination

♦ WebSphere MQ Transport for SOAP

♦ WebSphere MQ Bridge for HTTP

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