Websphere Training

Course Overview:

This course gives you a clear understanding of how to use WebSphere application in the real world. We customized this course curriculum to meet the current industry standards. We guarantee that even a non-programming background participant can learn this WAS training at the end of this training.

Course Content:


♦ What is WAS

♦ The WebSphere family

♦ Various WAS editions

♦ The J2EE Platform

♦ What is new in WAS 7.0

First Steps

Architecture, Component, Installation & Configuration

♦ Understanding of Server profiles

♦ Base Server architecture and components

♦ WAS ND architecture and components

♦ Installation of WAS ND – GUI & Silent

♦ Manage Profiles

♦ Cells, Nodes, Clusters

♦ Topologies for best practices

♦ Deploy the Sample Application

Administrative Console

♦ Where the console resides

♦ Navigating the GUI Configure

♦ Application server

♦ Install & Configure Web Server

♦ Web server plug-in

♦ Single cell configurations

♦ Access the Console via Port Numbers

♦ Server Environments

♦ Single cell configurations

♦ Multiple cell configurations

♦ Multiple cell configurations

♦ Mixed node versions in a cell

Deploying and configuring Enterprise applications

♦ Overview of Enterprise application

♦ Deploying and configuring Enterprise applications

♦ Setting up resources

♦ Application server properties

♦ Web container properties

♦ EJB container properties

Distributed Servers and Repositories

♦ Network deployment(WAS-ND)

♦ Creating cells

♦ Federating nodes

♦ Configuration repositories

♦ Repository: Cell, Nodes, Servers

♦ Repository: deployment manager

♦ Job manager

♦ Administrative agent

♦ Managing remote Web servers

Clusters and Topologies

♦ Creating clusters

♦ Replication

♦ Adding servers to clusters

♦ Cluster management

♦ Network dispatcher

♦ Vertical scaling

♦ Horizontal scaling

♦ Multi clustering

Administering Security

♦ Global Security overview

♦ Administrative security

♦ Configuring User registries and repositories

♦ Custom registry security

♦ Local OS Level security

♦ File-based Federated Repository

♦ Mapping roles to users and groups

♦ Application security

♦ SSL administration

Troubleshooting and Monitoring

♦ Performance Monitoring Infrastructure

♦ Tivoli Performance Viewer (TPV)

♦ Performance monitoring Servlet

♦ Console messages

♦ Trace facility

♦ Log analyzer

Scripting Tools

♦ Bean Scripting Framework

♦ Mbeans

♦ Wsadmin

♦ Jacl scripting

♦ Configuring wsadmin

♦ Wsadmin objects

♦ Advanced wsadmin

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