Windows PowerShell

Course Overview:

To Understand enough about .NET and COM "objects" to use PowerShell to explore and control them. Discover how to find AD accounts with particular problems using PowerShell. Apply your new PowerShell knowledge to server configuration and networking tasks. Create your own new PowerShell cmdlet in a simple PowerShell "module". Build an AD report and tell Server to create it and email it to you every day. Quickly learn how to create, delete, undelete and modify user accounts with PowerShell. Grasp how the For Each and IF commands open the door to some truly flexible, powerful tools. Build simple scripts and make them modules.

Course Content:


Starting up PowerShell.

Making it AD-smart with a module.

New security and port requirements for AD PowerShell: AD Web Service overview.

Making PowerShell work on Server 2003 and 2008 (it's built into 2008 R2 and later.

Tasks that fit PowerShell well and those that don't.

A "slow motion" look at a one-liner in action.

Deciphering PowerShell cmdlet names.

How to cheat at PowerShell.

Solving AD problems with PowerShell: the "filter" and the "hammer".

Querying AD: Meet the First Tool

Get-aduser explained.

Learning any cmdlet with PowerShell help.

Help bafflegab: parameters, parameter sets, and positional parameters.

PowerShell made GUI-ish with show-command.

Updating Powershell help.

Querying AD.

Shortening PowerShell's long cmdlets.

Building useful queries easily.

Searching different parts of AD: OUs, global catalog and other forests.

Interrogating get-aduser: making PowerShell cough up more than just the default stuff.

An application: finding users who haven't logged on in X days.

Side-Trip: Making PowerShell Tools

Formatting PowerShell output: format-list, format-table, out-gridview.

Ordering things with the sort-object cmdlet.

Saving output to text for later use.

How to assemble a few simple commands into a simple "one-liner".

Email your report with send-mailmessage.

Prettier one-liners: a very, very basic PowerShell script.








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