Workday HCM

Course Overview:

Our Workday HCM Advanced Online Course is designed to provide functional knowledge for learners. If you dream to become a Workday functional consultant then you are in the right place. This online training course is comprehensive with real-time based scenarios delivering practical value to aspirant Workday professionals. Our intensive training builds confidence to hit the job markets and easily clear interviews. This comprehensive in-depth training consists of lectures, demonstrations, and individual/group activities covering the configuration, functionality, and features of Workday HCM.

Course Content:


♦ Perform basic system navigation.

♦ Build supervisory organizations.

♦ Compare staffing models.

♦ Create job profiles.

♦ Configure core compensation components.

♦ Explain key security concepts.

♦ Define and manage business processes.

♦ Perform common HCM transactions such as hiring, transferring, and terminating.

♦ Explain the benefits of self-service functionality.

♦ Run delivered reports and configure basic custom reports.

Learning Objectives

♦ Organizations in Workday

♦ Security Groups

♦ Create Reorganization Event

♦ Create Subordinate Organization

♦ Assign Superior Organization

♦ Divide Organization

♦ Moving Workers in a Reorganization

♦ Inactivate Organization

Compensation Objectives

♦ Compensation eligibility rules

♦ Default compensation

♦ Compensation basis

♦ Compensation grades

♦ Compensation elements and element groups

♦ Compensation plans

♦ Compensation changes and transactions and 

♦ Compensation tools

HCM Transactions:

♦ Navigation

♦ Core Concepts

♦ Staffing Transactions

♦ Event Management

♦ Delegation

Workday Foundations

♦ Organizations and Work tags: Use organizations and work tags to meet your business requirements.

♦ Configurable Security: Define the elements of the configurable security framework.

♦ Business Process Framework: Leverage business process configuration options.

♦ Reporting and Analytics: View your organization's data using reports and dashboards.

♦ Mobile Functionality: Describe the Workday features available on mobile devices.

♦ Business Object Model: Navigate Workday with an understanding of the business ♦ object model.

Business Process Framework

♦ Business process terminology

♦ Relationships between business processes, organizations, and configurable security

♦ Basic configuring and editing of delivered business process types

♦ Validations, attachments, questionnaires, reports, and documents

♦ Condition rules and advanced routing

♦ Event management

♦ Business process reports

Workday Security:

♦ Configurable Security Framework

♦ Domain Security Policies

♦ Business Process Security Policies

♦ Automatically-Assigned Security Groups

♦ Security Policy Activation and Change Control

♦ User-Based Security Groups

♦ Role-Based Security Groups

♦ Security Group Types and Use Cases

The Tenant and Curriculum Access Instructions

Cheat Sheet

Workday HCM Introduction

Workday HCM Materials

HCM Certified Material

Core Concepts and Basic Navigation


Staffing Models, Jobs and Positions

Transactions in Workday

Time and Leave Of Absence Module

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